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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Over The Worst

I slept till 12. I felt better for getting a good sleep but guilty at losing a whole morning. Forgetting about being a writer for a minute though and just as a parent, I think I'm owed it every now and then. Kids take up as much, if not more, of my week as writing does but they can be so much more demanding sometimes. Sleep or alcohol is often all that's needed but in a big way.

I wrote out yesterday's blog entry first thing. I actually dreamt about yesterday's debacle last night. I still can't believe it happened, but I'll get over it. Some of the stuff might be recoverable from my mates at a Madness forum I've been a member of for years, but some won't for various sad reasons I won't go into here.

It was another frozen day outside; chilling and fresh, just the way I like it. A cup of hot coffee and little play of my Solid Gold Collection of Ska Anthems and I was feeling much like my old self. One might be able to destroy a few painfully collected rare Ska music tracks in an instant, but the spirit lives on; Ska is not a fashion, it's a way of life.

The first part of my afternoon was spent round at my MILs with Gail's brother, his partner and their wee boy, Kyle. He's growing fast and learning lots of new words. It's good to see him becoming less shy and more excitable. He's a bonnie wee lad.

When we returned Gail made a marvellous beef casserole, which allowed me to get stuck into Stella. I needed to do some research on a passage I'm working on located in Greece. Before I knew it I was a world away and the time had gone ten pm. It felt great to be writing so in-depth and carefree; the words flowed and the creative buzz kept on buzzing.

One of the reasons I'm enjoying writing Stella so much is not just that it's a piece of fiction that has taken on its own life, but that it allows me to take Randolph to any part of the world I wish. It's a multi-national story, which is very liberating and leaves everything wide open to how I feel on the day of writing. Why Greece? I have no idea, but what I do know is that all this fictional travel is making me want to go abroad again and so some exploring.

Tomorrow is Monday and I have loads to get through this week. Fringe Fantastic needs to have its website launched and the final draft of the manuscript confirmed, lots more work on Stella, editorial work on The Scruffy Dog Review, and I need to get into my work on Scotland's Treasure for the same publication, which is calling loudly in the background.

You just cannot beat it.
Colin 11:09 pm


Glad you're feeling better.

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