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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Is There A Writer In You?

I'm totally knackered today after all my early starts this week and late night last night. I wasn't going to drink but ended up partaking in a whisky. Bad move since I had to get into work for a 9am meeting.

I did a load of work for the FF marketing campaign. I put together a template for the letter that will go to all the libraries in Edinburgh. Also wrote out the template letter for the major bookstore chains to try and get the book listed and onto the shelves.

I worked my way through each of the companies/publishers/institutions marked to receive an email or letter and personalised each one accordingly. This is one of the bits that takes ages because despite having all the details, I have to make sure all the letters match up. Some are always that little bit different, whether I want to recognise past communications with a journalist as a prompt, or whether it is making sure those people are still working at the same place. No point in sending a personalised query if that person left the company three months ago.

I did some more work on the FF website. There were some discrepancies and these needed ironed out. I just need to move it onto its new domain now. Still haven't thought up a competition and there's a wee bit of background information to go up, too.

I worked my way through the proof copy of the book, marking anywhere I think it needs changed. To tell you the truth, there is hardly any. Most is simple alignment though there are a few words I want changed.

Each day I work on this project, I learn so much. When I did my first chapbook, Brick by Brick, I was learning from scratch. I'd never put anything together before so it was very much like feeling about in the dark.

That project gave light to the realisation I could take poetry publishing to another level. With that though, came the awesome amount of tasks involved in not only writing it, but publishing, marketing and promoting it. It will have taken 4 months to complete the FF project by the time the launch date comes around - a third of a year! But it has been fantastic fun and a superb journey of learning - so far.

I didn't get a chance to get on with Stella. I had to work with Laura on her maths but she's doing really well and it needs to be done. If there were marks for trying she'd be top of the class.

Getty Images are currently running a project called Change Me. The lowdown is, if you select an image from a wide selection they provide; something that inspires you, hits a nerve or simply appeals, write about these thoughts and ideas then submit them, they will donate $10 (ten dollars/seven quid) to ONE: The Make Poverty History Campaign.

You may get your entry posted on the website, but even better is the chance to be selected be part of a global travelling exhibition and an anthology of images and prose.

They have $500,000 to donate so even if you are not a good writer, your submission would still mean $10 is submitted towards making poverty history. Give it a bash. You never know you might discover a hidden writer inside you waiting to get out.

Click here for all the info

PS - Sorry Zander. I still love you, man!!

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