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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Unveiling Fringe Fantastic

The clocks went back last night but it made no difference to me when Laura came into the bedroom an hour earlier than normal thinking it was 7am when in fact it had just gone six. I got up and we had breakfast then walked round the newsagent in the pouring rain for the Sunday papers. After having a poor day on the writing front yesterday I badly wanted to make up for it today, but first there was some important work to be done, once more in the kitchen.

Pumpkin preparation for Halloween. Together, we set about gutting the pumpkin and planned meticulously how we wanted it to look. Carefully with the knife we carved out the face we eventually decided on and I placed two candles inside for effect. Not a bad effort, I have to admit.

I got an email from the lady who won Hunting Jack through the PSH 2005 Poetry Contest. I gave her the options of how she wanted the first month sent to her and she chose for it to be sent every Tuesday and Friday for the four weeks. I'm kind of looking forward to doing it and intend to prepare the issues in PDF with some graphics to liven it up a bit too.

I organised all the shelves and drawers in my office, which not only got everything much more organised, but made the room more open now that nothing is lying around. I moved Smashie up into the room as well, and with the light blue walls I think he feels he is in the ocean somewhere. By Christmas I should have a brand new aerated tank with live foliage and hopefully, a couple of brothers and sisters for him to play with.

I setup the laptop in the living room and spent the evening giving the manuscript one final going over. I couldn't find anything despite trying and so I'm confident I have everything done. The cover, the graphics, the fonts the content - all done. Tomorrow it's off to the publisher and hopefully in a few days I'll get the first proof copy to go over and confirm before signing it off.

Can you believe we actually had people Guysing tonight? The doorbell rang a couple of times, and when I answered it groups of girls - not young girls either - burst into song while dressed as princesses and goblins and things. I halted them in their tracks and asked if they knew what day it was. "Halloween", they said. "No - that's tomorrow", I replied, and told them to come back on the correct day. They trudged away disappointed.

This is the first time I've ever seen this happen. Halloween has been celebrated since the Iron Age and I don't care if today’s kids are more impatient for things to happen these days than they ever were, the date is not going to be altered to suit them so they can get used to October 31st being Halloween or they can bugger off.

I mean what next - Christmas in November? Hogmanay in June?

Before I go, here is the front cover of Fringe Fantastic: The Poet's Experience of the 2005 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Colin 10:52 am


Here they're trying to get kids to Trick or Treat on weekends no matter when the holiday falls "for safety".


Anyway, love the cover and can't wait for the book!
Thanks Dev!

I know I sound like a meanie, but we live in a cul-de-sac and all the kisd go round the houses of the families that live there. So everyone knows everyone else and there's no strangers.

Maybe I'm just an old grumpy fart :-)
Fantastic cover, Colin! And I am with you - Halloween is October 31, Christmas is December 25, New Years Eve is December 31! Maybe I am grumpy also, LOL!
What Sandy said!!There were some places doing "Halloween" this weekend but I agree - Halloween should be ON the 31st.

LOVE LOVE LOVE that cover, Col!! I can't wait for the book.

BTW, I admire you for sending out the serial yourself. I may do something like that with mine.

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