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Monday, October 24, 2005

Fringe Fantastic Launch Date Announced

The rain was relentless outside and parts of Edinburgh had already flooded by the time I got out my bed. The sky was grey and hung-over; pools of rainwater gathered sporadically and diagonal rain pushed against you while I walked to work. I love it!

It reminds me of those days in Primary School when we sat in the classroom under strip lighting and on plastic chairs, while the dark clouds. The rainy weather sat motionless outside waiting for us to leave to go home so it could soak us, adding to our misery. My attitude to rain is much different these days, although it has always been my favourite form of precipitation.

I have decided that the launch date for Fringe Fantastic will be Friday, 2nd December 2005. This will give me enough time to complete the book's layout and design and plan in detail all the marketing I have planned, but just required a date to begin.

I divided the book marketing plan up into separate weeks so I can keep track of what needs done and when, which means the full campaign will last for 10 weeks. I've only worked it out up until the end of the year and I'll do another major one for next summer when the Fringe comes back round. But something hit me - there's only 10 weeks left of the year! Even worse, it's EIGHT weeks until Christmas!!!!

Anyway, once the shock subsided, I have four tasks to do by the end of this week with regards to Fringe Fantastic work. I purchased the domain, today, and I need to build a one or two page website to support the book promotion, decide on the final layout and front and back covers, then submit the final manuscript. Time to get over this "letting go" illness.

I did a lot of work on the missing section to What a Waste. It contains more contrasts with The Blitz and the Olympics, a better focus on the age differences and it now reads at around 6000 words.

I also completed going through some changes I wanted made to Whisky Snatching. It's a cracking story but is suffering from the word count restriction. I'm writing this one specifically for a competition and I have to keep between 16 and 18k, which is not easy when certain vital elements require expansion. That's the beauty of poetry; it teaches you to say so much, with so few words.

I wrote my weekly column for The Scruffy Dog Review blog, which will be published tomorrow at the TSDR Blog and I did a quick update to my main website.

A busy first day for the last week of October. Just what I needed!
Colin 11:50 pm


You are always an inspiration, Colin!
Oh no,the 'C' word, LOL! I can't believe it is that soon to Christmas. Excited about Fringe Fantastic's release date. Sounds like you have a great plan going, Colin!

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