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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Spirit Of '69

Not got a lot to report from today as I was on family business. We found ourselves in the car and lost in Denny out near Falkirk. We were trying to find our friend's 3-year old daughter's birthday party, but instead we turned up in the middle of nowhere, next to a reservoir and haulage firm with two devil dogs keeping guard!

Eventually, we did find the party - an hour and a half late - and it all worked out well in the end. We went back to their house for some coffee and cake and to catch up before we headed back through to Edinburgh to beat the traffic.

Some wee Ned in a white Ford Escort started weaving in and out of the bus and traffic lanes leading along towards Princes Street. After a set of lights Gail turned into the lane we needed to get off the street and all you could hear was this guy belting his hand on his extra-loud hooter. In the rear-view mirror, Gail could see him screaming and waving his arms around like a lunatic.

Up ahead the lights changed to red and he changed lanes again, just to get along side the car. My side of the car. His door opened slightly as he pulled the handle to get out, obviously to have a go at Gail. I'm ashamed to admit that the thought of giving a time-wasting speed-boy racer a good slapping and losing all the pent-up frustrations from work and other life hassles out my system, just seemed like such a fantastic opportunity, I actually wanted it to happen.

His eyes caught mine square on and in that single instant I could see him reading my mind from the glare in my eyes. He paused, got back into his car and ran the red light just as it was starting to change to green.

It's amazing the effect having a skinhead has on some people. Hare Krishna people don't talk to me any more either.

(NB. Spirit Of '69, is a reference to the skinhead bible of the same name written by George Marshall.
Colin 9:38 pm


The eyes are excellent communicators! That was cool, Colin. That jerk deserved a good psychic SLAP. No doubt he was all set to scream at a defenseless woman. The idiot. I'm glad you were with Gail right then. As you can probably tell we've got our share of such on the freeways here. Just the thought of such irrational idiocy angers me. d:)

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