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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Query Success

Getting home at 3.30am after a night of boozing, in the knowledge that I have to be compos mentis for my eight-year old in four hours, is something most people in their twenties would be able to handle with relative ease.

Unfortunately I am not in my twenties and I find it increasingly true when I hear about the difference being in your thirties makes to your life. It takes me longer to get over the bevvy and I want it to be a longer time until the next one. Unfortunately for me, I did it twice in three days. I am a stupid, stupid man.

But I enjoyed every minute, so I will probably do it again.

Laura wanted another Daddy-Daughter day but the weather was not the best for going on any trips. So after lunch we did such things as make insects out of stretchy balloons, undertake projects from the art magazine I bought her a couple of weeks ago and have another picnic lunch. I had another attempt at trying to get her into Star Wars by putting on Episode 5 - A New Hope, but she just doesn't seem interested. I'll keep trying on that one.

She's getting so old - for an eight-year old. When Gail came home from work I gave her a big kiss and cuddle - as I always do - when Laura shouted for us to "get a room!" Turned out she heard that one from a film called Freaky Friday the other day.

I got a response to my query from the magazine that initially got me researching and writing about Robert Louis Stevenson for. I was worried tey might not want it, but they wrote to say they are very interested and want to read the full article along with pictures. I'm delighted because this is the first query I've had with a favourable response for a paying market. Not got the pictures though, so that will HAVE to be done this weekend - no delays.

I also heard back from the publisher/editor of Tall Tales Press. You may remember me mentioning an anthology called Tall Tales and Short Stories in which my writing pal, Leigh Clements, had a story published. I received the book from Michelle Miles via the initiative.

Well, after reading the book I read the author biographies at the back and it turns out the owner of the publishing company is a single father with a young daughter - please read his website for more information - but the upshot is he is putting together an anthology called Being Dad; Fathering after Separation or Divorce.

I emailed him a few days ago with a view to contributing and he got back to me today. He is very interested in getting me involved with the project and wants to discuss it over the phone. It's definitely something I want to be involved in and I'm looking forward to speaking with him and putting together some appropriate work.

I've decided not to do the Global Talk Radio interview. I sent the programme manager the details of my current situation with KIC suggesting an alternative scope of interview, and although they think this should be fine if I send them more information on the project, they are insisting on all authors, particularly international ones, footing the bill for the cost of the interview phone call and the all sponsorship fees. I'll have to find out phone costs but I just don't fancy the idea of paying out at least forty quid for a ten minute interview. I'm not in a position to be able to afford that kind of money.

I'm still dying for a good curry!
Colin 3:06 pm


That's so great about Tall Tales Press, Colin. I'm delighted for you. (See... I knew I sent you that book for a reason!) :)

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