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Friday, October 28, 2005


A day off work!! (cue 60,000 crowd roaring in background)

I had to collect Laura from school at half past twelve and saw little point in going in to work for only a couple of hours. You might say what's the difference between this and any other normal Friday when I would go to the pub around that time anyway, and I see your point, but refuse to go into it here for fear of being proved wrong.

So I watched five minutes of morning telly before remembering how shite it is and got up for some coffee before nine o'clock. I find it harder to these days to get back to sleep when I'm woken and once my brain kicks in with things a la writing, there's no hope of any more slumber for a few hours yet.

Besides, Fringe Fantastic now has a front and back cover and there is much important work to do if I am to realise the December 2nd launch date. With the font now decided on I had to convert all the chapter and title fonts within the pages to the new look. This took ages since there are 82 pages and it really does get quite fiddly. Oh, I know I promised to reveal the front cover today but I'm going to hold off until Sunday since there is some tweaking I want to do on it first.

At six thirty in the evening I had to go into work to do short shift. Good money but it meant that it tore my writing time in half. I couldn't really fit anything in after dinner and when I got home about nine o'clock I decided to work through my marketing plan for the book since I knew I would never be able to get my mind into anything else.
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