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Friday, October 21, 2005

Remember That WIP?

This has been an awkward month. So much time and angst has been put into all the different aspects of Fringe Fantastic, that I've started to use it as an excuse to procrastinate. It's not good enough and I'm quite angry with myself.

Yes, I've got lots of projects on the go, and yes, I want to get right back into some solid fiction, and yes, I've been using all this as a reason not to plan and write. It makes me very determined to set a date for the handing over of Fringe Fantastic and to let it go so I can move onto everything else that is demanding my attention. It's not that I'm short of ideas or anything!

I have a marketing plan written out and developed to include many mediums of interest, all of it dependent on the date of publication. All I need now is - the book!

Someone at my writing group suggesting posting page 17 of our current WIP's onto the board and I was going to post it from Fringe Fantastic. Then I thought, “wait a minute!" So I posted page 17 from A Friend to Die For, my WIP and first novel idea, which has sat untouched for a year since I took on completing Hunting Jack.

I surprised myself how much I enjoyed reading my own work. It was a good extract and could even stand on it's own as a flash-fiction piece. It made me hungry to rediscover the whole of the manuscript and to getting it complete. I really need to get Fringe out of the way.

I checked the download stats of Brick by Brick from just my blog (it's also available on my main website). Currently the total stands at 146 since I put the counter up on the site. There has been 8 today (the highest daily amount ever), 7 on the 13th and 5 on the 10th, which are the two other highest daily downloads. The rest average about 3 per day and the weekly average is increasing all the time from 54 in October, 21 in September, 8 in August and 6 in July. For a small-time free electronic chapbook, it certainly seems to be attracting a lot of interest.

I met Dave for lunch; two pints and a roll in Clark's, the staple diet of anyone serious about their wasteline. (That was an intentional spelling mistake, by the way!) A few pints into the evening and everything felt fine. When I got home later, Gail and I ordered a lovely Chinese meal and it went down a treat to finish off a day which was not the busiest I ever had.

I can't sop thinking about all the work I want to do and get involved with. I feel the urgency within me like a natural driving force.
Colin 8:22 pm


I'm going to miss your blog, Col. See ya in a week or two!


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