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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Getting Organised

I had warned Laura in advance we had some work to do this morning and that rain, sunshine or snow we would have to complete it. I had to take some pictures of Robert Louis Stevenson's boyhood house on Heriot Row and it was rain that accompanied us on our journey.

In fact by the time we had got the bus up town and walked to the old Stevenson home, we were drenched. Laura had problems the whole morning with her umbrella and I was trying to keep the camera dry under my hood most of the time.

I got the pictures and although I wanted to get some more, we had to head home to dry off. Laura was soaked through to her socks and jumper and I was luckier with my hiking boots on. But then I don't have a habit of walking through ten feet-wide puddles by accident like she does!

I tend to use Sundays for getting organised if it is required. I find it helps rid me of procrastination when it strikes, like it did last week. And so today wasn't so much about solid singular work, rather lots of little projects being tied up. Most of my afternoon was spent in my office doing such minor things that had to be done. I find I write easier if my physical location isn't in a clutter. And organised mess I can handle, clutter for no reason, I hate.

An email came in from the PSH 2005 Poetry Contest, which I sponsored before all the problems with KIC started. I have been allocated my person to arrange for a free month's subscription. This presents an problem if there is no publisher. I decided I will contact the person and offer them either the full month but from my mailbox or the month as a single PDF file. As way of compensation they can have the remaining 8 months free in whatever format they choose. If it works out, you never know what the possibilities of going DIY might be in the future.

It took me ages to get the pictures of RLS's house downloaded. The software was playing up and I had to reinstall it from scratch. It seems to happen when I remove the USB cable and reattach it. I'll have to get one of those adapters that splits the connection into four slots instead of one.

Once it was fixed I ran over the manuscript and sent it, plus pictures, to the magazine. I'll reveal their name if they do snap it up because it could still be rejected, but I'm very hopeful it will now go through as they seemed very keen.

I can feel the pressure of the close of the year starting to build behind me. It's the last week of October tomorrow, so I had better make it count.

Finally, I want to wish my pal, Lara a safe and happy journey as she moves to her home new home in Denver, Colorado (USA). I hope she and her husband, the kids and the wee fishy are all very happy and she should know there's a whole troop of people at the writing forum who'll miss her while she's in absentia.
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