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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Creative In The Kitchen, Not The Notebook.

Struggled to find time to do anything today in the way of writing. Bit of a pain really with the end of month GDR almost due in but domesticity had to take priority. I spent the morning and early part of the afternoon tidying the house; dusting, hoovering, polishing, you name it. All the rooms bar Laura's and my office got the treatment.

I left my office out because I knew I would be working in it during the latter part of the afternoon. A lot of my folders and books had just been shoved onto the bookshelf out of the way and I need to get everything totally organised. Same too for the cabinet and drawers, which need to be neat and ready for whatever I might need.

We had invited Gail's friend, Samantha, down for dinner and I made a long-awaited curry. It wasn't a strong one, just a mild Tikka Masala with Naan bread but it was lovely. I loaded it with extra chunky onion and peppers and a dash extra of garlic and scotch bonnet to give it an extra kick. We eat the meal over a nice bottle of red wine and a good confab and then another couple of red's vanished after dinner.

Quite a pleasant Saturday evening all round, but I could here my manuscript shouting at me from the office the entire time.
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