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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Fringe Dilemma

I never got to bed until about 2am last night. After working on the chapbook until midnight I flicked on the TV for a couple of minutes and got caught up in What's Love Got To Do With It; the biopic of Tina Turner. I've never been a huge fan of her music and never really knew that much about her. After watching the story of her life, I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for her.

For any woman to go through such an ordeal that she suffered at the hands of her husband, Ike Turner, is something nobody should have to face. She was repeatedly assaulted, raped and psychologically abused for years before she finally broke free and saw what he was doing to her. I've heard of woman talking about their fear of leaving their abuser using an array of excuses for staying, but Tina finally saw the light and got herself out.

I was amazed it had happened to her because she always came across as an incredibly strong woman. And I suppose that's the strength that was enough to get her out of her personal hell. But never once did I realise what she had endured. I hope for any woman who are stuck in the same situation today and might have seen the film last night, to use it as the spur to get out. I actually felt mildly sick at some of the scenes in the film they were that graphic. It kind of makes me, as a man, disgusted that any male could treat their partner in such a way.

I was up from 6am because that's when I happened to wake. Strange, because I've been feeling tired all week. It made the day a very long one but I got a lot done in and about the house.

My sister and her fiance (Fiona and Nolon) popped in on their way to an evening out with some friends in Edinburgh. With her new job as a primary school teacher we don't see each other as much as we used to so it was great to catch up. Gail and a few of them are going to see a show in the Playhouse in a few weeks so me and Nolon agreed to go for some beers that night and do some bonding. Should be a laugh; Nolon's a good man and I couldn't have wished for a better bloke for my wee sister.

I complete the manuscript for Fringe Fantastic. All the poems and titles are aligned correctly, the page number problem sorted and all the images just as I want them. The foreword and notes are done as are the acknowledgements and formalities.

All I have to do now, is select the book covers. I've put together four fronts and five backs but it's an awesome task. I'll need to think hard about what one fits best and if I should change anything. Or indeed, if I should think more about the cover and what it needs to do. There are a couple in particular I like, so I think it will just be a case of trying to come to a decision.

It's a huge dilemma, but a good one because I know after I've made it, the book will be complete.
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Congrats on finishing the book!

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