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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Learning To Let Go

Despite a good night's sleep, I still woke feeling tired. So tired I just wanted to drop where I was and sleep until the feeling went away. So tired, that even my hunger for breakfast wasn't enough motivation to move. But I had Laura for the day, and so staying in bed wasn't an option.

Laura and I had breakfast over an hour of Tom and Jerry cartoons. Then when we were ready, went out to the supermarket to buy some goods. With no coffee left, I was on a mission and I also picked up some stuff to make a nice dinner for Gail coming in later on.

The rest of the day was spent with Laura. We made a den in the living room from chairs and blankets and had a picnic during the afternoon. We watched videos and drew pictures, made skeletons for Halloween and generally had a lot of fun. One of her pals from the neighbourhood came to the door but she didn't want to go out to play. When I asked her why, she said, "because I want today to be a daddy-daughter day."

Bless her.

I made Marzetti for Gail coming home from work, which was delicious as always, and once everyone was happy I sat down to write. Laura had gone to her Gran's house for the night and Gail went to visit her pal who just started a new job, so I was blessed with a silent house.

I'm still in a quandary about the completion of Fringe Fantastic. It's a kind of frustration, a feeling of lost control I get when I think about it. Devon Ellington posted some advice after yesterday's post and it helped; I need to set a date by which I must adhere to strictly. If I don't, I run the risk of being indecisive about the final design for years to come and it will never see the light of day.

I know I can eventually come to a decision about the final design, but the content is worrying me also. 'Why on earth would people want to buy it' and 'is it good enough' are the main bugs in my machinery. I never had these problems with Hunting Jack so much because it was accepted before most of it was written. I shall have a think and set a date as Devon suggests, then LIVE by it. She’s right; it is the best way. I need to learn to trust myself and get over these things. Thanks Dev.
Colin 12:26 pm


You are such a good dad. :)
PS My son LOVE Tom and Jerry. (He calls it "Tommy and Jerry" though..hehe)
It's hard, but you've got to give your work and yourself some Tough Love sometimes.

Your track record shows what a good writer you are.

Batter down the Doubt Demons. Take some time to come up with a marketing plan, then figure out how long it will take to implement, and choose your launch date from there.

Do you want it ready in time for people to buy as a holiday gift? Or do you want them to start the New Year with it?
Hey Colin, just dropping by to say "hi". I've missed reading you for a little while. Thanks for that nice recommendation for pendrifter I ran across while scooting about your blog (one of your July posts)--sweet of you. Keep your confidence up--let go and let be. d:)
Sounds like a wonderful day with your daughter! Mik is absolutely right.
And good luck with your next project!

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