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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bring It On!

The rain pattered delicately against the bedroom window last night and eased my passage to sleep-land with its hypnotic rhythm. When I woke up, it was still teaming down from the sky and I knew another day of enjoying the rain was to be mine. Some people across Scotland aren't enjoying the weather though as there has been some flooding in the Border region forcing business to close and people to flee their homes.

I had a busy morning work-wise but found the time to make the adjustments to the Fringe Fantastic manuscript that I picked out with my red pen last night, then transferring the changes to the original poem manuscripts to keep them all inline. One thing I also neglected was individual images for the poem titles so I worked on getting them created and to the right dimensions.

It's coming together nicely now. Only the cover images and a few small amendments to go!

Not much else to put into today's post. Work is so bad it is stressing me out and I was really looking for to my snooker evening as a result. Well, not so much the snooker but the four pints of Kronenbourg I drank.

The weekend is promising to be quite good. There might be the chance to see my sister Fiona and her fiance hopefully, maybe even my other sister Lindsay who is going to be in town, a trip to the movies, a curry, a new fridge freezer, a 1980's revival gig and I should also get my hands on the pictures for the front cover of Fringe Fantastic. Bring it on!
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