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Friday, October 14, 2005

Curse Of The Were-Escalator

The weather has turned full cycle this week. There is a beautiful, almost spring-like atmosphere in the air. A cool, crisp freshness is only broken by the sound of the birds singing from the trees and the roofs of the Georgian houses in the New Town. The sky is blue and wisps of cloud float by on the autumn air like discarded cotton.

I picked Laura up from school and we went to the cinema to see the new Wallace and Gromit movie - The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. It was hilarious! In a room full of mostly kids, my raucous laughter caused Laura more than a slight bit of embarrassment; but it was a great film and the popcorn not bad either.

Laura was attacked by the escalator on the way out of the complex. It snared at her shoelace as she was approaching the bottom and just as I was about to kick the emergency stop she pulled free. She was fine about it all, though her shoelace was mangled. Some old woman shouted, "She'll be in trauma now, that girl!" Not really. She's a tough wee cookie my Laura, and she found it funny than anything else.

Earlier I collected the photo CD with all the images from last Sunday's photo shoot. Sarah gave us a quick run through of the images on her computer and some are excellent and are immediately put onto the contender pile. There are some great images and I might include some throughout the pages of the book as well.

The first picture I selected was easy - the author photograph. It's a black and white picture taken in front of the toilets inside the Jekyll & Hyde pub; except it's not what you might think. The doors to the toilets are hidden by large bookcases that are fake and you have to find your way in. The effect of which makes me look rather intelligent, as I appear to be standing in a library. When in fact, I'm not.

I spent the night working on the covers for Fringe Fantastic. I made up a few and converted them into PDF. I'm still not sure because of the amount I have to choose from. There's a problem with the alignment of the page numbers too. They don't convert when used in the footer and when I insert them as images they convert onto the next page.

Publishing problems, at their most annoying.
Colin 6:38 pm


That's funny--we saw Wallace & Gromit last Saturday, and there was a bloke in the front who was laughing SO LOUD.

Was that you?


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