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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

It Never Rains

It rained steadily all day. Not a downpour, just a stream of regular lines from the sky all around the land, saturating everything and everyone. To quote Bobby Milk; "the rain washed all the scum off the streets."

I like the rain. I feel safe in it. People in Scotland are far too quick to put up their umbrellas and get all down in the mouth about a simple state of overlying conditions. It's only rain; we get plenty of it so we should reap the benefits.

When rain is falling, the streets sound different; emptier of people and more welcoming, relaxing, like a big friendly brown bear stretching its arms and yawning to reveal a soft underside that makes you want to cuddle up. The streets know nobody is looking so they chill out and relax for a bit. Concentration is lost and the tarmac ripples with pleasure as nature's water runs to its sides and down to the lowest point.

Don't wear a hood or put up an umbrella when it rains, stand somewhere quiet, preferably somewhere that has lots of grass. Allow the water to land on your head and run down your face. Hear the individual drops shatter on top of you, and listen as the grass around you cheer each time a new drop lands.

Feel life being recharged all around you while you stand. Water is life and life is for getting wet every now and again. To quote the Big Yin; "I hate all those weathermen who tell you that rain is bad weather. There's no such thing as bad weather - just the wrong clothing."

I did a small update to the website and worked through my emails. A quick check on my submissions saw that I still have revealed 17 fiction subs under consideration, 4 poetry subs and 9 non-fiction subs.

Worked some more on Fringe Fantastic, lining up each and every page so that the distance between the titles, start of poems and edge of the page are exact. I also dedicated a few poems to some people and completed the foreword. All that remains is the cover photo's, exporting a couple of titles into graphics, changing the images inside the book to black and white. I printed off the version as it stands and proof read all 45 poems and text from paper in the evening. It's amazing what you pick up.

I received an invite to appear on Global Talk Radio. It was as a direct result of my press release in August and they want me to appear on their talk show called A Story To Tell to talk about Hunting Jack.

Me. On the radio.

All their shows remain on the site for live streaming so I tuned into last night's broadcast. It sounds professional and sounds like it could be a very good opportunity. I would be asked about my story and other aspects of my writing and be able to promote my work to a growing audience of targeted listeners.

Except - without KIC then I have nothing to promote! My last PR went out before all the KIC troubles started so I'd be promoting something nobody can get a hold of. Unless I tell them what's happened since and suggest the interview concentrate on Fringe Fantastic. I posted a message to my writing group to see if any of the more experienced writers there had any good ideas.

Deary me. The trials of being a writer.
Colin 10:44 pm


Never have I heard the rain described in such a beautiful way. Good luck on your appearance on the radio!
Talk to them about it. Always best to be up front. YOu have plenty going on.
What a beautiful description of rain. Makes me want to be there. I can just imagine Scotland in the rain... *sigh*

Good luck on the radio thing! :)
That's fantastic, Colin! How exciting! Do they have an internet feed? Maybe we can tune in!

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