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Monday, October 10, 2005

The Scruffy Dog Review

I have some very special news.

I am delighted to announce the launch of The Scruffy Dog Review. The inaugural issue will publish in January 2006 and it will be a bi-monthly electronic literary magazine, offering the BEST of both traditional and eclectic flash fiction, poetry, short stories, screenplays and book reviews.

It's founder, Editor-in-Chief and good friend of mine, Brenda Birch, asked me if I would like to come aboard as an Associate Editor. I was only too delighted and could not be more thrilled to join this exciting venture. It's my first step over to the "other side of the publishing fence," but one that, given the publication and who I am working with, seemed the right time to do it.

My colleagues are some 'well kent' names if you read my blog a lot - Devon Ellington, Michelle Miles, Lara Stauffer, Terri Dunham, Angela Miller, Mark Vender and EL Reedy. It's a privilege to be working such a talented and motivated group of writers/editors.

And so on the first of January 2006 we will launch our first issue. To that end, we're now accepting submissions (they've started arriving already!) for the January issue. Please visit The Scruffy Dog Review to check it out and find the guidelines.

Read the official Press Release.

I spent some time adding in the new poems and rearranging the layout to accommodate them, and I also wrote the first draft of the Foreword for Fringe Fantastic and it came out not bad. Perhaps a few tweaks and it will be ready but I want to keep it to a single page and not go over.

I designed some bookmarks for both Hunting Jack and my Brick by Brick e-book, which I will print off on card once my printer has some new ink cartridges.

Speaking of Hunting Jack, if there are any subscribers out there - and I know there are a few - could you please contact me urgently as I have news about your subscriptions. With KIC on an "extended break," it is vital you get in touch with me asap.

My computer is doing my head in. It's started hanging and cutting out as and when it feels like it, which is no good when I am trying to read vital emails regarding TSD etc. It may soon be time to bid fair well to the old fellow - with a pickaxe and hammer!
Colin 11:13 pm


Wow, that's fantastic, Colin! I checked out the Scruffy Dog site and it looks great!

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