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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Attack Of The Giant Yorkshire Puddings

My good friend Bobby Mackerel received wonderful news today that he has passed his final exam and that in a matter of weeks he will be a fully qualified nurse. It's been a long and hard road but we all knew he would make it and I want to say to the big man, we're all damn proud of you mate and wish you the best of success for the future in your new career. I've seen him in his nurses uniform and let me just say, there's no way he was going to fail anyway!!

I had a heavy hangover for a good few hours today. Last night's session took me until 2am and when I woke at half past twelve the frontal lobe of my brain was thumping inside my head, my tongue felt like sandpaper and my ears ached with a dull, pulsing sensation. One too many vodka's, I can only presume.

There wasn't much to do today except fart around the house until the time came to go to Gail's parent's for dinner. I couldn't write; the strain in my eyes from my less than glare-free monitor just too much on my hurting eyes.

Dinner was great. Carol made roast beef with roast potato's, vegetables, gravy and the largest Yorkshire Puddings I have ever seen. I'm not kidding when I tell you it rested on the plate over all the food at a staggering six inches by five! Just imagine it - it was massive! I was so stuffed afterwards, I could hardly sit down.

With a nice bottle of Australian Red to wash it all down I fought through the meal and finished it off with some Vienetta with fresh single cream then coffee. Not at all bad for a Saturday night's dinner.

When we got back home it was nine o'clock and despite a couple of paracetamol my head would just not stop thumping. I was supposed to have been meeting Dave for a couple of pints after his full-day babysitting stint but I just couldn't handle it. Instead I did some writing in my notebook (I still couldn't face the PC) and went to bed early.

Tomorrow is the photo shoot for the book cover. The weather forecast had been predicting rain today all week but it was a fine sunny day. Let's hope tomorrow is the same.
Colin 11:51 am


mmmm Yorkshires (I say as I shove knefla in my mouth...)

Congrats to Bobby - that's fantastic news!
Thankyou, Big Man. Now the hard work really begins...
Congrats to your buddy!

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