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Monday, September 26, 2005


I woke up to a rejection from Glimmer Train for Daffodils this morning. It wasn't entirely unexpected given the organ's standing in the literature market, but it will take more than that to dent my confidence.

Last night was extremely stormy. All day the winds were blowing at almost gale speeds, and the rain and wind battered off the bedroom window all night. It makes you appreciate the warmth of your own bed when you can hear it all going off outside.

When I left for my folks on Saturday there had been 97 downloads of Brick by Brick. By lunchtime today there were 102! It's going at some rate and that's just from this blog, not from my official writing site! Hopefully all these people will by the Festival book when it comes out too!!

I left work early to take Laura to her swimming lessons. It's normally something Gail's Mum does for us but as she's on holiday I took the time out to see how my wee girl is getting on in the pool. She's doing fantastic; swimming easily and diving about as if there's no barrier to her confidence.

There is no official waiting area for the parents while the kids are in the water, so the Management set out chairs behind a line of tape for us to sit. So with my blue shoe covers on I took my seat at the deep end and watched Laura going about her lesson.

My view was blocked at one stage when another class of younger kids lined up in front of me. The teacher wanted them all to slide into the pool and tread water for as long as possible.

"That's good," I thought. "I'll be able to see Laura easier when they're out of the away."

Unfortunately, I forgot that the term 'slide into the pool' isn't that exciting for 6-year old kids, as I discovered when they launched themselves into the deep end in front of me. I froze, as it suddenly dawned on me that the huge wave of water they had created was now heading in my direction.

Half a second later I was sitting soaked with mildly warm, bleach-treated water over my person. None of the other parents got touched, which became apparent by the laughter aimed in my direction. I took it in good spirit and half of me wanted to just jump into the pool fully clothed. I always wanted to do that for a laugh but it would probably have scared the bejeezus out of all the kids.

The rest of my evening was spent tidying up paperwork, books, magazines and folders that are swimming around my side of the bed. No writing got done and rather alarmingly I've yet to hear from the KIC editor about the resumption of the ezines, supposedly on the 25th of this month.

I'm getting worried so I fired off an email asking about the status of the publication. I have subscribers waiting in tow, commitments made with other publications with regards to sponsorship and an outstanding pay cheque. Come to think of it, I'm a subscriber as well and have still to get the remainder of my ezines before the hiatus started.

Truth be told, I think KIC is dying and won't be back as it was before, if at all. It's sad but I suppose that's life.

Here's a few images from my family trip to the River Gryffe on Sunday:

Colin 11:00 am


Sorry to hear about the rejection, Colin. Glimmer Train is a tough one to break into. LOVE the pictures, though. They're fantastic! *sigh* Someday I will get to go there! :)
My goodness, big man. If you HAD jumped into the pool there would have been quite a substantial tidal wave, I think!
Wow - what a beautiful vacation spot!

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