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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Old Memories And Prawn Sandwiches

The car was packed by lunchtime with our bags and after some food, we set off for Glasgow early afternoon. We did the journey in just over an hour and a half, which was quite good going, but stopping off in Johnstone lengthened the journey slightly. I used to work there when I was going through University in the local Safeway as it was back then. It's now a Sainsbury's but not that much else has changed.

There were a couple of old faces I recognised; people who were die-hards even before I started there in 1990. When I left in 1995 they still held the same positions and by the look of it, promotion/expansion is something they still haven't sussed might be a good idea.

Being in the store brought back a million and one memories. The five years I spent there were superb in helping me to pay my way, and balance it with having some raucous fun during my educative years.

Saturday's were best. A 6am start to take the deliveries would be followed by a fry-up in the canteen at around 10am. Then it would be into then it would be into the dairy produce under orders of my boss - StarTrekFanBob until lunchtime, where we would all sit and have a riot in the canteen taking the mickey out of Danny Lavery and talking about girls and football. My afternoon was always the same - frozen foods. I loved it because I was left to get on with it and could nip back and forth to the changing rooms to keep up with the football scores or have a blast of some Madness on my personal stereo.

By 6pm I would be finished and I would head home to get my dinner. By 8pm I would be in a pub with my mates before heading into Glasgow centre and Fury Murry's nightclub for a bevvy and maybe a wee dance with the ladies. Then it would back to Uni for the week before doing it all again. Halcien days.

We missed the worst of the traffic on the drive through to Glasgow, but not the weather. When we left Edinburgh it was sunny and mild; by the time the M8 motorway took us through Glasgow, it was grey and cool.

After time to catch up with my parents over some coffee and quiche, Gail and I got ready and headed up to Mikey P's house. We had a few drinks in his with Craig and then hailed a taxi to Stevie and Nancy's wedding reception out at Gleddoch House in Langbank. Actually, it was a marquee next to the clubhouse and we arrived half an hour after the keyboard stared spouting electric sparks and a power cut left all the guests in total darkness. If it weren't for a guest who was an electrician, it could have been a disaster. As it was the marquee was so cold anyway due to the lack of heating, we were delighted to take refuge in the nearby clubhouse for some warmth.

Other than the temperature though, it was a good laugh. There were some faces I haden't seen for a while and some people to introduce Gail to for the first time. By the end of the night she had become so confused with all the new names to remember she started forgetting who everyone was. But they were all that drunk anyway nobody cared a jot.

The taxi home wasn't pleasant. The road between Langbank and my parent's house is not a long one, but it is very windy, hilly and narrow. My guts started to respond with a queasiness making me feel very uncomfortable.

By the time I got back I went straight to the loo and then to bed, leaving Gail and my Dad up talking till 3am. I later discovered my discomfort was caused by one of Stevie's prawn sandwiches served at the buffet, which was less than friendly.

If I have a curry tomorrow, it won't be prawn

Colin 12:08 pm


So that's where you were when I was looking for you! In the loo listening to Madness. Might have known!
We did have some right laughs didn't we?
However, I would need to say you were possibly the worst employee I ever had! :)

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