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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Dear God

On the way to work I saw a bulldozer parked outside Clark's Bar. I nearly shat myself. I went into Club Sandwich for a coffee to calm down and thankfully the driver was also in getting his breakfast. Phew!

Another hurricane is headed for the Gulf Coast in America. It's further west this time and headed right for Louisiana and Texas. I have friends from my writing group that live there. It's a Category 5 at the moment; the highest there is, and by looking at the reports, there is speculation that this could be the biggest storm to hit North America since the pilgrims.

I'm worried that New Orleans was just the start of something so much bigger. There are some people spouting nonsense that all this has been sent from God as some kind of divine test. If God enjoys killing his own people like this then maybe it's time he had a health check because he's clearly lost the plot.

Or maybe there is no God. Maybe it is all dust to dust. Maybe I'll concentrate on leaving something behind for the ones I love, because when I'm gone, none of it will make any difference anyway. Maybe while I'm here on this earth, I'll do the best I can to be the best man I can. That's the scenario that makes more sense to me. If there is a God, it's getting too late for some people to return to their Faith, so prove yourself now.


I ended up sitting up late last night to watch a Bond film on TV - Tomorrow Never Dies, so I'm still behind on my sleep but feeling good because of all the work I'm getting through. I need to keep busy this week; there's a lot of stressful things coming up and focussing on work is helping me to remain steady and balanced.

I submitted three poems to Circadian Poems; Empty, Perfect Apple and Brunette, which are the first poems I've submitted individually for quite a while (apart from the ones to Story House yesterday!). I've been working on collections and themes and concentrating on submitting fiction more, that I have neglected them lately.

I worked most of the evening on the design and layout of the Festival book. All the pages are now in place and contain all the text and verse. It stands at 55 pages in total so far, which is before any photography; the Festival photography, not the ones Sarah will take.

My back started to ache so I knew it was time to finish for the night so I took Gail with some tea. The Omen was just starting so I watched it fully for the first time ever. Chilling, to say the least, and although some of the acting was a tad suspect I found it to be one of the better horror films I've seen. I liked the incorporation of innocence, the Bible, Satan and darkness to create the effect of pure evil. There must have been a lot of research that went into it, which reinforces some of the lessons I have been learning over the last couple of weeks about preparation.

The only other horror I can remember genuinely enjoying - watching in suspense rather than laughing at its stupidity - is The Ring. I found it quite a scary and tense film. It's not the jumps and starts that make a horror for me, it's the build up of tensions, the mix of the unknown with the unexpected, the stuff you don't see that is implied. Good stuff.
Colin 11:53 am



Rest assured there IS a God. The problem lies in that too many stupid and self righteous people believe they have some special God radar that they only they possess, and MUST share with the rest of us unenlightened souls.

I wish they'd just shut the f*ck up!
Hopefully Rita will reign it in some before she makes landfall.

I can't watch The Omen, it freaks me out too much. And I liked The Ring but I didn't think it was as scary as everyone made it out to be. :)

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