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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Healthy Living

The CD I have in my bedside alarm clock didn't go down too well this morning when Scorpios by Adam and the Ants came blaring out the speakers at 6.30am. Gail had the day off for the September school holiday, and I had forgotten.

Being logged onto my company mainframe between 12.30 and 02.30 last night didn't help matters though. I got called out, and while this means good cash, it is also very knackering when you get woken up to work then can't sleep again. I paid the price with heavy eyes and a grumpy demeanour. A shower and the first coffee of the day went a long way to helping my mood.

Work was shit. 'nuff said.

When I got home Gail had made a pot of wonderful fresh carrot & fresh coriander soup with fresh crusty baguettes. Fantastic! Healthy AND tasty!! Quite filling too as I didn't feel much like dinner after it so I just got on with working away in my office. And the first full evening proved to be very busy.

I found a call for submissions on Craigslist-Edinburgh. A new publication called Fringe Magazine is looking for some material so I added it to my list for later. I was forwarded an advert for a part-time freelance position with an American company looking for a writer who "bleeds tartan". Sounds intriguing so I sent them my information.

I completed the re-write of the Robert Louis Stevenson article, giving it more of a lean towards his poetry. I think it gives the article more life, and I should probably have written more about his verse in the original, but there you go. I gave it a final read over and submitted it later on to Circadian Poems.

I began the process of narrowing down the photography applicants and got it down to four from eleven - not easy! Nor was writing the rejection letters. I know how it feels to receive one so I tried to make them as personal and up-beat as possible.

To decide between the final four was a nightmare. All of them had great portfolios and all of them talked a good game. When it came down to it, the split came when I looked at who seemed the most positive and approachable. So after much deliberation, I'm happy to announce Sarah Swanson as the official photographer for the Festival book project.

I submitted four poems to Storyhouse, where if accepted, they will appear on coffee labels across America! I think it's a great idea, so I sent them ones with a Scottish and coffee feel; The Old Lady of Edinburgh, In the Edinburgh Fog, Scotland Neglected and Girl in Coffee Shop.

I announced to the Madness community that The Magnificent 7, will be allowed to die in a couple of months when its hosting contract expires. It was a sad letter to write, but it's one that has to happen if my writing is to advance unhindered.

I sent out multiple submissions for each of the un-published short stories I have written. I didn't see the point in effectively only having one story out on submission to two publications a year, when if they accept simultaneously I can have them out to more. It will improve my liquidity and chances at publication. My list grew accordingly, so here is a run down of my subs list as it stands tonight:

Story House - 4 poems (The Old Lady of Edinburgh, In the Edinburgh Fog, Scotland Neglected, Girl in Coffee Shop)

The Edge Magazine - 1 (The Blind Man of Cathkin Street)
Writing Magazine
- 1 (On A Monday Morning)
Big Ugly Review - 1 (Heart of a Child)
Barcelona Review - 1 (Loaded)
The Portable Muse - 1 (A Bond of Faith)
Glimmer Train - 1 (Daffodils)
Thirteen Magazine - 1 (The Blind Man of Cathkin Street)
One Story - 2 (Heart of a Child, A Bond of Faith)
Wildchild - 2 (Daffodils, The Oasis)
Open Wide Magazine - 2 (Heart of a Child, Loaded)
Summerset Review - 2 (Daffodils, Loaded)
Adirondack Review - 1 (The Oasis)
Fringe Magazine - 2 (A Bond of Faith, The Oasis)
Gorlan - 1 (Daffodils)

Writer-on-Line - 1 (How To Create Your Own E-book)
Literary Traveller - 1 (Robert Louis Stevenson in Edinburgh)
Circadian Poems - 1 (Robert Louis Stevenson - The Poet and Author)
Keep It Coming - 5 (Great Scottish Authors: Robert Burns, Arthur Conan Doyle, Walter Scott, James Barrie, Irvine Welsh)
Freelance Job - 1 (p/t application for Scottish writer sent)

Things are looking much healthier these days!
Colin 11:05 am


Good stuff!!!!

Storyhouse is great -- I'm working on a three-part mystery for them.
PS -- You can mark the RLS article as ACCEPTED.
You are busy, busy, busy! Congrats and best wishes for publication on all your submissions.

The soup sounds delicious.
Very cool, Colin! I hope they accept so I can see your work on coffee labels. That would ROCK! :)

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