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Saturday, September 17, 2005


Other than sending in the articles for the Great Scottish Writer series to KIC, I got nothing done. It was a day that any DIY expert would have been proud of as I got wired into the office. I painted the walls (two coats) and glossed the door. The walls took much longer than expected and with Laura on my case most of the day (Gail was out) the whole operation took me up until 9.30pm. Other than stopping for dinner with Laura, I was at it all day.

We also got the new carpet. It's a light brown/beige shade, which keeps everything neutral and calming. I'm still unsure about the colour for the book shelves, which, although it is a different name on the tin, the colours look almost identical to me.

So we're all ready for tomorrow. Ian is due round to fix the sockets to the walls, fir the carpet and radiator back on. Then we can start to assemble and move in the furniture and I'll finished the small painting jobs later (with lots of covers).

I think I might buy a picture for the wall; maybe a scenic view or a painting, but it has to fit the mood that the room is taking. It's very soothing and I can see it being a great place to write. My ideal space, in fact.

With any luck, I'll be writing in the room tonight, but it'll be a long shot as there is still lots to do.
Smashie can start to think about moving in today as his new home can't be that far off from being purchased now. And I'll be able to have my printer on the same desk for the first time ever, which is a bonus.

It's all coming together and I'm very happy.

I read a story from the book, Tall Tales and Short Stories Vol 2, sent to me by my pal, Michelle Miles, through the project. Life As She Knew It by Leigh Clements, fellow KIC author, was my first port of call. It's an excellent story about a woman who realises her life exists only within the plot of a book and there is nothing she can do to alter fate. Sometimes, I get that feeling as well.

NB. Pentin': Painting, in phonitic Scottish language.
Colin 9:31 am


Hey, Colin! I came across your blog via Bob Mackie, who posted on Michelle Miles' blog, and he has, of course a link to you. I was blown away to see your comments about my story. The true irony here is that, even though I'm back in Canada now, I actually thought out and planned that story while living in Leith. Hmmmm...

Please continue including the names of the pubs you frequent - it's great to see a few of my old watering holes... I used to work at Scott's on Rose, which was, of course, an experience... hehe

I know I'm coming in late here, but can you describe the Great Scottish Writer series for me? Sounds interesting...
I'm so glad you like the book, Col. And that story is a great one, isn't it? :)

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