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Thursday, September 22, 2005


Not a bad day. I was quite busy at work but we don't want to talk about that since it's all duff. I think the word 'duff' has gained extra respect over the years since we found out Homer Simpson drinks Duff Beer. It has for me anyway.

Fancy a Duff Day?

I found a great site a while back that I meant to post earlier than this. It belongs to Dee Rimbaud, a Glasgow-based writer and artist. He's leaving Glasgow; in fact, he's leaving Scotland because he's sick of it. I left him a long message and I hope he reconsiders but I respect his reasons. Scotland needs more people like him or we're going to implode.

I had an incredible response to my announcement about the demise of The Magnificent 7. People responded with thanks, praise and best of all, memories, of the meetings between Madness fans from all over the world. The best email was from Suggsy, a member of the Madness tribute band 1st Step Below, who has offered to host the site on his own server although it would remain dormant. This means The Magnificent 7 could be given a last minute reprieve from certain doom, to have a long, if un-maintained life. Negotiations are still ongoing though, so I'll keep you informed of any progress.

I worked on my personal website in the evening, giving it an overhaul with a new non-fiction section, contact page and reorganising some of the other information on it. Another tick on the GDR but it had needed an update badly. Later in bed, I realised I forgot to actually upload the changes so I'll do that tomorrow night.

I downloaded all the images from the Edinburgh Festival I took on my digital video camera. There are almost 300 and I'm probably only going to use a dozen at most. Some of them reminded me of events and people I had forgotten about, which inspired more poems for the book. Will this poetic tide ever stop? Hope not.

As far as duff goes, tomorrow could be the epitomy.

Colin 10:37 am


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