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Friday, September 23, 2005

Colin Galbraith - RIP

As I should have perhaps expected, the sky across Edinburgh was bleak, grey and wet this morning, reflecting my mood in almost every way. Only thunder and rain would have completed the emotional picture.

To make matters even more dire, the coffee shop was stowed out so I couldn't get my coffee, and apparently I died the other day as well. Read my obituary in today's Scotsman.

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There isn't much else I can really say about today; it wasn't an artistic day nor was it a day of positive energy. What I can say is that I was overjoyed to be able to introduce Gail to my chums in Clark's. She never liked it when I last took her five years ago but I think the free drink from Gary the barman helped change her mind.

Tom put a tenner on a horse each way at 125-1. It came second after a fifteen-minute decision over a photo finish. Although Tom missed out on one and a half grand, he still walked away with four hundred pounds, a shaky hand and sweaty brow.

I had to work at seven o'clock, which was less than pleasant and when I got home I was so tired and was suffering a sore head, I popped a couple of Syndol, had a cup of tea and sandwich and went to bed.

Never have I been so delighted to lay my head on my pillow. I am glad today was over but it was nothing to celebrate. Tomorrow we're all going through to Glasgow to stay overnight with my folks. Gail and me and going to Stevie and Nancy Bates' wedding at night, and drink I shall.
Colin 12:40 pm


I'm so sorry to hear of your death, Colin. I guess you can actually say that the rumours of your death have been greatly exaggerated! ;)

Have fun in Glasgow! God I could go for chippy right now...
Duff beer - Hmmmmmm, beer.

Great - Ben O.
Wow - you had to work? Your company won't give you a day of sick leave even when you're dead? They're pretty harsh! ;)

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