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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Working As A Team

Got up at 8am with Laura and had breakfast while watching Looney Tunes. I never heard Gail coming in last night so I knew it must have been a late one and decided I would let her have a lie in. She probably needed the blow out and I would make her breakfast when she got up.

I checked my email and blog and was delighted to get some feedback from some people about my free e-book, Brick by Brick (available on the left of this page). It is always wonderful to hear what people think about my work after they take the time out their lives to read it, and it is even better to hear when it has been enjoyed. So thank you very much, Max and Alicia.

My plan was to prepare for the days DIY and hopefully get through most of it early so I could return to writing for the latter part of the day. I am still getting applications for the book cover photography and have loads of my GDR to get through. Which reminds me - remember to vote for your favourite book title on the left! There's already been some votes come so get your vote in too.

But the day slowly turned into a 'let's storm the office and get it all done' kind of day. It took me until lunchtime to paint the bookcase in the garage and then with all done I made some lunch and while I waited for Ian.

When he showed he finished the wiring and Gail and I nipped to B&Q for some extra parts and lighting. We had an early dinner (mince and tatties! Yeehaah!) and while Ian laid the underlay and carpet tidied the other parts of the house, which were suffering from neglect due to all the tools and carpet pieces lying around. We offered help but other than a cup of tea he didn't need it. The new lighting turned out not to be suitable, so it will need to be replaced and when Ian left for the evening, he kindly took Laura with him to stay the night at his.

The new carpet, walls and skirting

This meant Gail and I could get down to some serious - erecting - of the office furniture. We decided to try and get most of it done tonight so it was out of the way. Not as easy as it sounds but we worked together and it felt good; we were a team and strangely, there were no arguments about who got to use the screwdriver or put on the wood glue. We got the desk complete and most of the cabinet. Finding the parts was a nightmare when comparing them to the plans and by the end of it the upstairs landing was a total mess.

When we finished it was half past ten at night and we were both hungry and thirsty. Cue a haggis pizza and bottle of Irn-Bru to finish off the night. It looks like by tomorrow night it should all be complete and I should be able to start moving in. Then I can get back to the writing, which at the end of the day, is what this is all about.

Colin 12:00 pm


You new space looks wonderful!
Did I read that right? Haggis pizza?? Wow. And I thought pizza with pineapple was out there. ;)

Your new space looks AWESOME, Col!

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