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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Business End

I got a lot of organisational work done today, all of it helping to keep back the flow of demands from all my other projects and stopping me being consumed by them.

I listed all the stories that I want to send out on simultaneous submissions. I've never really gone in for this before, but to give stories the best chance possible, and where publications accept it, I'll give it a go. I'm aiming to get all unpublished stories out to at least three or four publications, except for any written specifically for competitions.

I wrote a query letter for What A Waste. I want it to go to some major newspapers that have suitable magazines/supplements and that I've seen publish this kind of thing before. I'll start with Scottish broadsheets (Scotsman/Herald and Sunday editions etc.) and work from there. If I could get it published by one of them, it would open some doors for other projects that could be very important for the future.

Some of the people on these newspapers have started responding to my press releases, so when the Fringe book comes out I hope to be able to get even more press interest than last time. I'm still determined to get a feature in The Leither magazine. Every month they have arts features and they have still to respond to anything I've sent them. Hopefully the Fringe book will pique their interest.

I worked through the 8 applicants I now have from photographers who replied to my adverts. I rejected 2 due to lack of technical resource or availability and another 2 because their response only said, "What's it about?" Sorry, but if you cannot even be bothered to reply in a semi-professional manner then I'm not even going to give it the time of day.

I'm down to 4 serious contenders now, one of which stands out a mile but I've yet to see a portfolio. 2 have sent pictures, though I have no way of confirming if they are genuine, and 1 has their own website. All very impressive, but the one that stands out so far has talked the best game. I emailed them all with some more questions, so I'll wait for the responses before arranging meetings.

Then it was off to play snooker; my last game before Ian goes on holiday, which means a couple of free Wednesday's over the next couple of weeks.

Got to get on!
Colin 3:34 pm


Good luck with the submissions.

We'll be hoping they fall on open ears (eyes)

Ben O.

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