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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Characters That Come To Life

When I left for work it was lovely and sunny. I decided to wear my light jacket so as to appreciate the beautiful day unfolding just like it yesterday's had.

From the bus on the way up Leith Walk I saw the homeless black guy I based Victor the Rastafarian from Hunting Jack on. There he was, perched on his seat at the bus shelter just like in the story, watching the workd go by and leaning on his cane. It's been a while since I've seen him about and it was strange seeing him in the flesh - the first time since I brought him into the story. Kind of like seeing your own imagination come to life in the street.

Ten minutes after arriving at work and sitting down at my desk, I looked out the far window to see the heavens emptying over the land. Typical. And me with my light jacket on.

I edited issue 68 of Hunting Jack and caught up with the issue summary and key point/character reference sheet. Again, my planned route to the finale has been changed by the characters themselves. They just will not let go and it is almost scary how this is being dictated to me. Every time I try to take full control of the story it rebels against me and goes another route - though still rocking towards the ultimate goal.

One of my writing friends from across the sea has taken hiatus from the writing group so she can concentrate every spare moment of her time to her writing. Brenda is now very much missed, but she is making a necessary sacrifice that all writers have to make from time to time. So - go and read her blog or check out her site and leave a message of support. She is an immensely talented writer and the the sooner she gets through this intense period the better because not only will she will have some wonderful prose under her belt, but she will also be able to get back to her other cyber-buddies in the writing group. :-)

Brenda's Blog
Brenda's Website

I wrote through issue 69 of Hunting Jack in the evening and it came very easily. I made a decision as to an extra twist in the tale to really it give it a wonderful bit of self-indulgent spice. Anyone who reads it will hopefully find it amusing and not out of place; in fact I think it adds to the story.

Of course, the way this story is working out it will never happen if Jackie and Co. decide against it.
Colin 9:59 am


Thanks for the plug Colin. I'm staying strong, but it is tough. I knew I'd struggle so that's why I deleted my profile. I still find myself clicking on the link out of habit. I'll be back as soon as I can.
I think that is fantastic that Hunting Jack comes so easily for you, Col. As Mik put it so eloquently: my muse is off having martinis with hers somewhere! (Then again, you have a lot of really cool scenery to inspire you, it sounds like!)

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