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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Is It Me?

Some days when I am walking along the street, to work or wherever, I get the feeling other people are trying to avoid me. And some days when people look at me as I walk past them, I think they are smirking, almost repressing laughter. Then other days, like today, I see people more inclined to just smile if I catch their eye as I walk past.

Am I the only one that gets this?

I have noticed since starting to shave my head on a regular basis, I don’t get stopped by "marketing people" in the street any more. Which is a shame because I like getting freebies. Except I haven’t shaved my head (or face for that matter) for 9 days and so I am a veritable hairy bloke – as far as it goes for me that is. Maybe that is the difference: no hair equals threatening appearance, hairy equals welcoming appearance.

Or is it just me?

My parent’s were up visiting St. Andrews at the weekend for a wee break and got back last night. My father, Dave, was most upset after he left his car parked by the side of the 18th tee of the Old Course. When he returned, the familiar dent of a golf ball had been left on the roof of his Rover. I can just imagine the profanities that echoed out over the links towards the North Sea when he saw it.

It’s the school holidays so the traffic is lighter in the morning which makes getting to work easier. The other good thing is that Laura gets to stay overnight at her Gran’s house, which gives Gail and I the chance to go out mid-week. (I know – such a phenomenon!)

Back in Glasgow when I lived the wondrous years of my Bachelor life, I used to go to the flicks every Tuesday with my mate Craig, get a couple of beers and catch up. There came a time when we walked into our local multiplex with 20 screens and realised we had seen everything.

Anyway - I digress. We booked up for the cinema and off we went to see ‘Saw’ (not the plank version!) and it was most exciting. Gail has a sore neck at the moment and can’t move it very well, so she had major problems getting popcorn into her mouth. By the end of the film there was more kernels lying on her that in her!

It’s not a bad film, plenty of twists and drama, but I thought there was some dodgy acting in parts. It got quite gruesome too and why the name of the film was titled became obvious later in the film.

I couldn’t help being reminded of the Paul Auster novel, The New York Trilogy while watching it however. Without revealing the story of the film, two men are manipulated mysteriously by a third who plays them both from the middle, and all three have to come to terms with their own lives, and the solitude they each lived in, and now have to face. This has strong comparisons to Paul Auster’s trilogy of story’s so I found that quite interesting.
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Regarding people avoiding or smiling at you; now you know how women with big boobs feel!


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