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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Diving into Blogging

Hello and welcome to my Blog. You could say I am the 'new kid on the Blog', only I'm not a kid (cue smart comment from my wife), and I am not that new - not in human years anyway. Several of my writing buddies have Blogs, and they have inadvertently persuaded me that maybe it's quite a good idea. So here I am.

I have several passions in life, one of the most important to me being the craft of writing. I have always had a "thing" about the written word, but never picked up the pen seriously until 1999 when a friend, having listened to me drone on endlessly about wanting to write for many months, bought me 'Hand To Mouth', the autobiography by Paul Auster. He never knew - and still doesn't know to this day - what an effect that book had on my life.

I decided to start this blog in order to provide myself with a focus on my writing. It will be a place to shed my thoughts and fears; feelings and emotions. The title of this Blog says it all, for I am holed up in a job that pays well but offers little in the way of satisfaction. I work in an I.T. department where it is not just the computers that are programmed as robots. This Blog will be a living document of my struggle to free myself from these reigns, and that one day, my life will consist of writing as a career full-time. Freedom from the mundane - that's the dream.

If you're still with me, I shall tell you a little more about myself. I am 30, and I live in Edinburgh with my wife and step-daughter. We were married last August in Leith (she's a local) and honeymooned in Jamaica. I originate from the west coast of Scotland (Paisley and then Glasgow) - a subject that offers much in the way of potential for arguments around our home har har - and I love to go back to Glasgow whenever I can. I miss the place more than I let on. I love listening to ska and reggae music, and I also run a website dedicated to the band Madness. That is all I will say on Madness though, as I do not want this site to become linked in anyway to that side of my life - needless to say, they played a huge part in my upbringing.

Other interests that I flirt with from time to time are cooking (good stuff, not out of a tin), fly-fishing, football (soccer for any Statesiders) and drinking. And as this is now starting to sound like the end of a very bad CV (resume), I shall quit there for day 1 of my Blogging experience.

It's been fun actually. I feel like I have organised myself a little bit more, and trimmed off the excess fat from my mind just a tiny bit.
Colin 3:07 pm


Let me be the first to use your comment feature. Welcome to the world of bloggers. Are you sure it's reggae music that you like? "New Kid on the Blog" makes me think otherwise ;)


This is terrific. I'm linking you to my website.

Welcome to the world of bloggers, my friend!

Very nice work. You keep writing and I'll keep reading!

Colin! I dig your blog. Welcome to the world of blogging. :-)
Bigchap, this is a terrific development! You'll need to gen me up on this blog stuff, might be interested in having a go myself!

Good to see people commenting already mate !


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