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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bouncing High and Low

Colly Wobbles (yeah right!)It appears that hits to my website have increased 7-fold since the publication of the self-publishing article in the Sunday Herald on at the weekend.

Can only be good news, surely?

Several people have said that they think I look like Superman coming out of a phone box. Hmmm - it was very cold in Edinburgh that day - certainly too cold for lycra!

My weekly post at The Scruffy Dog Review Blog is up today. Today has something about JK Rowling if anyone fancy’s a read over their lunchtime chitty (message for non-Scots – a chitty is a sandwich).

I began reviewing my GDR for this month, and with a couple of days left I look to have gotten through a lot of much needed base-building. I’ve been feeling unsettled the last couple of days, thinking about where I am and want to be, and this monthly exercise proves a good way to bring me back down and level out my thinking.

It’s just as well I have other things to think about, because the day job is about as demeaning and demoralising as you could possibly imagine. I honestly cannot believe they are paying me to do this stuff. There’s a meeting tomorrow where I will be able to vent my disapproval at the slow progress, and lack of communication. And believe me I won’t shirk a tackle.

Six Nations RugbyTalking about tackles, this weekend sees the start of the Six Nations Rugby season again. Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Italy, France, and England will all be competing for the championship, as well as the Triple crown and this Saturday, the Calcutta Cup.

Last year Scotland beat England at Murrayfield and I had one of the best days ever in Edinburgh. When the final whistle went there was such jubilation and joy over beating the Auld Enemy for the first time in sixteen years (I think it was), that we had such a party!

It’s been a lot longer since we beat them at Twickenham, so this Saturday should be an awesome game. England aren’t the team they once were.

Spent the evening with the family. No writing or other work was done, though I did see another of those programmes about couples who pay off their mortgage in two years by building businesses and cutting costs. Most inspirational viewing.
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