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Monday, January 29, 2007

Weekend in Glasgow

Did everyone remember to buy a copy of the Sunday Herald for my appearance, yesterday? If you missed it, click here for the online version (no pictures).

The scope of the article was widenend so it contained more about the self-publishing industry, so I have fewer quotes, but I did get a large colour picture holding my book Fringe Fantastic. I’ll try and get a scan from somewhere.

My weekend in Glasgow was superb and badly needed. Steam was let off, responsibilities shirked, and anything serious forgotten. It was an old-school lads day out, for which I paid the price on Sunday with the Mother of all hangovers.

Friday night saw me and my bro’ doing a couple of pubs we have not visited in a long, long time. The Horseshoe Bar on Drury Lane, O’Henry’s just opposite and the Auctioneers just off George Square. It felt good to be back in them and reliving old memories.

The jaunt down memory lane continued the next morning out on the south side of the city. Shawlands (where I used to live) has changed in many ways, but in most others, not a bit. We realised we had become Jack and Victor, as we pointed out buildings and places that meant something to us in our twenties from the comfort of the front seat of the number 4 bus along Pollockshaws Road.

We paid tribute to a few of our old haunts in Shawlands (Finlays mainly), and even stopped outside my old flat, tears welling in our eyes (joking), before meeting the rest of the crew in the Griffin Bar at the top end of Sauchiehall Street (pr. Sucky-hall). For the rest of the day we ran amuck in a giant pub crawl. Lauders, I was delighted to discover, still has a big band that plays on Saturday afternoons.

Yesterday was a day of rest – just as God intended – so who was I to let him down?

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