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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Flu and the Front Cover

Never made it into work on Tuesday or Wednesday, a wretched cold putting paid to that. Gee, I was gutted (sic). I loaded up on Lemsips and paracetamol and tried to stay as warm as possible for most of the time. Got nothing done, which pissed me off, though I did a wee bit of reading. Could hardly concentrate or keep my eyes open however.

Thanks to all the anti-flu remedies I slept forever over the past two days. As a result, and because I was feeling a bit better, I ended up doing an all-nighter on Wednesday into Thursday; the first one I’ve done while working the next day for quite a long while.

I was so awake and wanted to finalise Poolside Poetry, I thought; why the hell not? It was quiet, calm, and condusive to full concentration for the initial half of the night.

The most important development was the final decision on the front cover and font:

Poolside Poetry by Colin Galbraith

By about 3am and with the background TV falling to BBC News 24, I started to tire. Some coffee and a wee stroll in the garden put paid to that, because with only two hours until I would normally get up, I knew if I went to sleep for two hours I would only suffer when I had to get up. So I stayed up, watched some telly, scribbled and read until the concentration started to flag.

I showered at 5am and left for the day job a wee while after. I’m into the next day now, so everything else can wait till the next post.
Colin 7:16 am


I'm glad you're feeling better. And that cover is great!

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