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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Slight Change of Plan

Well it was a relaxing weekend. Jonathan Ross' secretary hasn't got to my complimentary copy of Fringe Fantastic yet, but his show yesterday was a good laugh nevertheless. Paul Whitehouse was a guest and the good-natured insults were flying like custard pies in a Laurel and Hardy film. I listened to the show on the way through to Glasgow, chuckling away at the back of the bus like a lunatic let loose.

My sister and I spent most of the day drinking, listening to music, reminiscing and munching on crisps and pizza. It was thoroughly unhealthy, but it was good to relax and be with her.

At about half past eight my mobile phone rang. It was the journalist who interviewed me last Thursday night. When I heard her voice the colour drained from my face as she started to tell me about the change of plans.

I thought at first the article had been canned, but instead she was letting me know that it would now be published next weekend (28th) so that she could do more research on the actual publishing company. This involves a trip to Milton Keynes, which is why I shouldn't buy a copy in the morning, but it also meant the article increasing in size from 600 words to something larger.

I was a bit disappointed, only because I had got so built up for it, but if the article is to grow in size, then who am I to complain? All I had to do now was send a text to my 894 friends who were going to buy a copy the next day!

My folks picked me up and took me back through to Edinburgh so they could pay a wee visit at the same time. We stopped in a couple of the aquarium shops in Paisley Road West on the way, but never got anything.

Gail made a superb roast for dinner - I'm still stuffed from it!

My office has become a total disaster zone. I need to get it sorted so I can feel right in my head again. I feel so charged just now I'm trying to do ten things at once and while this is good for output, I'm beginning to worry about quality.
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How great the the journalist took the time to let you know!

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