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Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Day Of Two Halves

It was, as football commentators sometimes say, a day of two halves. The day began normally enough, skittering about the depths as I ploughed through the day job. But by late afternoon it had launched into levels of extreme energy and brain activity.

During lunch, I redrafted A Bond of Faith and got it ready to go back out. I was going to ditch it, but gave it one more read before I started. I remember it was my first attempt at a 1st person story and on reading it I remembered why I like it. It's simple, emotionally pulling, and has a nice twist. So I decided to keep it and worked through it once more before I go and try to find a new market for it.

The same process was worked on Amanda and Joe, although this wasn't anywhere near to getting ditched. I think it might make the basis for a good play but that's not something I have time for at the moment. It, too, is now ready to go back out on submission.

My great writing friend, Devon Ellington, has moved her very popular writing blog. Make sure you update your favourites and point your browser to the new location for Ink in my Coffee. It can now be found at: . If you don't know what I'm talking about, click the link; it's a fascinating journal from a wonderful writer.

I got home in the freezing cold, high winds, sleet, and rain - it was actually snowing at times today, but it was so wet none of it landed here - and turned on my PC while the kettle boiled. One good thing about starting the day job so early is that I can leave early, too. Which means more time to write in the evening, as well as capturing all-important emails - as you are about to find out.

So there I was, watching the emails build up on the screen; Viagra - 10% off; Penis Enlargement - Make Your Wife Happy; Problems With Piles? Don't Live With a Sore Bum! And so it went on. Then one email flashed past my eyes that was actually worthy of opening.

Timed at around 1:30pm, it was from a journalist at the Sunday Herald, asking if I would give her a ring about my book, Fringe Fantastic.

Having been caught out once before by an email from a journalist who had gone on to find another source for an article by the time I had got home, I launched out of my seat and rang her number.

Before I knew it, I was talking about the book and the whole self-publishing versus traditional publishing route. It was very relaxed and casual, and despite only perhaps nine or ten questions, I felt as though I was talking for much longer. I think I got across what she was looking for anyway.

She said she thought Fringe Fantastic looked really good and asked if it would be okay for a photograph. Assuming she meant a screen grab from my website I agreed, but was then informed that someone from the photodesk would be in touch about a shoot either tomorrow or Saturday.

Half an hour later everything was set. The shoot for the article is tomorrow afternoon, I've to take a copy of my book along, and with time to think about it I started to get nervous. There had been no time for nerves before the actual interview; it all happened so quickly and naturally, but now I was getting my photo taken, I began to grow a little knot in my belly.

Not having shaved for two weeks (face or head), my overgrowing hair was first to go. I went through a period of "what do writers wear for newspaper photo shoots?" Welsh is always colourful and sporty looking, Rankin always black and grungy. Auster tends to wear high neck jumpers, as does King, and McCall-Smith and Rowling all wear very smart clothes.

Then I realised. Well, it was actually Gail who said it. "Just wear what you're comfortable in." Well she didn't quite say it like that; she was trying to watch the TV at the time and was wanting rid of my insane rantings. But she was, of course, entirely correct. And so the dilemma was sorted in my mind. I'll wear what I would normally wear - photoshoot or no photoshoot.

So that was the day. I practised some more of the guitar and did a couple of site updates, then hit the hay early. Couldn't get to sleep though. Too excited!
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