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Friday, December 08, 2006

Nutty UK - Brixton

Madness at the Brixton Academy
Last Night's Review
(Edited from Jonathon Young at the Madness Information Service )

A Tornado struck NW10 in London Today. It's front page news here. And I cant help but think that it was Madness just warming up! A great mix of tunes; some familiar, some new, and some old favourites returning to the set.

Chrissy Boy was on top form and thanked the band for letting him return in a moment of genuine emotion that left Suggs waiting for the joke. The whole band seemed alive to have him back and it made the gig something special. He trashed the guitar on his back at one point and it reminded me of why he was missed, a bit of his wild rock improvisation for a few seconds in songs really adds something.

Some great new visual back drops too, including Thommo dancing in a pink tu-tu!

A few slips up but no one cared, and so much sounded so great. Grey day was dedicated to Dave Robinson who was in the house.

Set List

1. One Step Beyond
2. Girl
3. My Girl
4. Embarassment
5. Lovestruck
6. You Keep Me Hanging On
7. Sun and the rain (introduced on the back drop by Michael Fish!)
8. On The Beat Pete (oh yes!)
9. The Prince
10. Return of the Los Palmas Seven (With Bruce Forsyth impressions)
11. Shut up
12. I Chase The Devil (AKA Ironshirt)
13. House of Fun
14. Rise and Fall
15. Grey Day (dedicated to Dave Robinson in the audience)
16. NW5
17. Bed and Breakfast Man
18. Wings of a Dove (stopped)
19. Baggy Trousers
20. Wings of a Dove
21. Our House
22. It Must Be Love


23. Sorry (Short with no rapping. Played against a playback I think)
24. Madness
25. Night Boat to Cairo


26. Swan Lake

27. Papa's Got a Brand New Pig Bag

Keep watching Madness' You Tube Page for exclusive Madness footage!

Next gig: Sunday 10th December
Dublin, The Point
Colin 7:16 am


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