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Thursday, December 07, 2006

First Draft Of 'Slick' Complete

Dentist Day today, so even though I've caught up with my sleep I was up a bit later than normal so I could spend a full half hour scrubbing my molars clean. I provided the packed waiting room with some entertainment upon my arrival, however. After I gave my name I went to sit down, but due to the lack of seating in the reception area, I had to squeeze into a double-seater next to an old woman.

I sat down and my left elbow crashed off their tall standing glass cabinet causing it to rock back and hit the wall. As it rocked forward again, the sudden intake of air into everyone's lungs caused a mini vacuum to occur, as we all waited to see if the cabinet was going to tip over and smash. It never, thankfully, and I managed to stabilise it once the shock had passed.

Two old woman, including the one next to me, fought hard to stifle their laughter, and I was glad the dentist called me shortly after so I could hide my blushes in another room. Other than that I got on fine, but need to go back to fix a split tooth next week. Don't remember it breaking, which was weird.

I worked heavily on my 2007 GDR today. I really want to focus in particular things next year now that I am finding the areas that I enjoy writing in most. But while I am comfortable in these genres, I am becoming more aware of the need for me to keep pushing myself into new areas where I am not so familiar. I must stretch myself and I have to include the way I market myself in person and online. I'm planning big things, as you can probably tell. Big strides were taken this year, bigger next.

I complete the first draft of Slick in the evening. The final lines all came naturally and I had started going through my notes when I realised, "wait a minute - this is redrafting." So I stopped at a logical point and pressed Save for the final time this year on the manuscript. It's done. I need to put it away now and take a rest from it. I'll keep adding to my notes and preparing the research, but I will go back to it after the new year and begin the re-writes and interviews. So by March/April I think it should be ready for initial beta-reading.

My focus for the rest of the month is to complete the month's GDR plans, which will satisfy my thirst and prepare me for January's new beginning.

Words today: 411
Final 1st draft total: 76478
Colin 9:42 pm


HA in the dentist office! That sounds like something *I* would do. But at least you can laugh about it!

Good for you on the GDR's!!!

I have to work on my year evaluation before I can work on next year's GDRs.

Should get to it, I suppose. The year is finishing pretty quickly.

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