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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Slower Day

Struggled to get up today after two days of going at it hammer and tongs. Still managed though but it was tougher getting into it through the haze of tiredness. I'm getting the sniffles too, so I think I may work in a wee day off soon. Perhaps Sunday might be a good day, then start afresh again next Monday. I'm going over to a friends for beer on Saturday night, so that may well be another great plan from Monsieur Galbrandy. Wrote circa 600 words before leaving for work.

Week 1 of NaNoWriMo is now behind me so I think I should take time to take a look back and reflect on what has been.

The Numbers
My daily target before all this began was 2k per day. I met that every days except one (I was 30 words short so I ain't going to cry). My total for the week is 21,155 words, 7155 over the weekly target, achieved by both an explosive start on day one and over 5k over the weekend. If I stick to this, I should reach the 50k by day 18.


* Worrying that the plot was unfolding too quick.
* Very tired by the time it gets to the evening.
* Wrist and back starting to hurt.
* Not as much connection in the local lounge of the forum.


* I'm enjoying writing the story I prepared.
* My word count is way ahead of my target.
* I'm proving to myself I can meet a heavy "deadline".
* My wpm on the keyboard has gone through the roof.
* My overall feeling of "life happiness" is spilling over.

To Take Into Week 2

* The 5am starts are working. Creativity is more positive in the morning, even if it has to be kick started on the harder days. Need to schedule in slower days to balance it out.
* Not being afraid to go back and edit/pad out is keeping the plot strong and thus giving me the motivation to keep going. It seems to be the story that's driving me now, not so much the NaNo challenge (60-40%).
* Keep aiming for 2k per day, but if it goes over just keep going as long as the drive is there and I want to.
* Don't push it over the 2k if it's not going well. Keep poor sections of prose to a minimum.
* Do not go a day without writing anything. Could be fatal.

One of the minor characters from earlier in the story is nipping slowly at my muse. I think he may have a larger part to play in the outcome of this novel before the end is reached.

Work was unusually busy so I never got anything written over lunch. Got home early from work and was so tired I went to bed for an hour before snooker. Won 5-3 and had a few pints of Guinness, which went straight for me since I was so tired. So there was a lot of thinking done about Slick today, but not a lot got written.

NaNo words today: 624

NaNoWriMo Progress

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