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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Digging Up The Words

Enjoyed a later lie in before getting up for work. After all my efforts this week I felt I was due a slightly later rise after being out last night, so I got up at 8am. I felt brilliant. Totally re-energized and the flu-like feelings I felt yesterday morning are gone.

I'm sure that was my body crying out to get some rest before I make myself ill. It worked, though last night at snooker my right wrist was in agony. It's only a dull pain most of the time, but if I catch it the right way (like when holding a snooker cue) the pain shoots through my wrists, up my forearm and I lose all power in the muscles. It's almost like a cramp but more acute. I tried shaking it off, but I just looked like P Diddy in one of his music videos.

Updated my NaNo chart this morning. I never realised it would skip a day so it now looks like I went yesterday without doing anything! Not happy. Not happy at all.

Work was hectic but managed to get a few words written over lunch. Decided when I got home I would try and get to the 25k mark by the end of the night. Never happened but I managed to get to over 23k.

For some reason the chapter I was working on was proving problematic. It needs research into a subject I know little about and that I never foresaw happening in the original concept. Now it has to happen and I tried to do write through it - but it still wouldn't happen So I decided I would do the research afterwards, foregoing quality in place of quality. I have a fear that something I write will impact what happens after, despite me trying to convince myself this is a stand-alone chapter.

What's the subject matter? The exhumation of human remains.

I wrapped up what I could of the chapter, leaving holes galore, which I will go back and fill out at a later date when I have the information.

NaNo words today: 1488

NaNoWriMo Progress

Colin 8:35 am


I'm trying to remember where the morgue is in Edinburgh -- I want to say it's near Cowgate/Bannerman's. Rankin told me once.

Give them a call, tell them what you're doing, and ask questions.

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