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Monday, November 06, 2006

Good Bad Good Bad And So It Goes

Nice and early start again, gave me plenty of time to start working my way further through the manuscript I have written already. It's getting easier to be up at 5am, though when evening comes it's getting harder to concentrate on anything except rest. I'm reaping the benefits though in word count, I just hope the quality is something I can work with after it's all over.

Slightly warmer climate over the east of the country today. Perhaps it's due to all the bonfires still smoking away in the streets. Arthur's Seat caught fire after a firework went astray last night and set fire to it, causing 1500 revellers to be evacuated off the top. Arthur's Seat (real name Salisbury Crags), is an extinct volcano - I thought it would have been able to handle a bit of heat?!

Zukoto is back. They must have renewed their domain or something. All my WIP graphics are now back up and running, I'm please to say.

I ran through the entire manuscript today as planned and did a lot of padding. There is stuff I will probably edit out by the end but for the time being it's all staying in. I've got more consistency with the characters, though most of that doubt turned out only to be in my own head and not on the paper. I think i was just losing the trail a wee bit.

I'm noticing a trend with NaNo. Although my word count is good - better than I was budgeting for, in fact - I seem to experience a good day followed by a harder day followed by a good day and so on. I seem to have to fight to get into it on the odd days, and it flows so much easier the next. I've not figured out why that is, tiredness, or perhaps a natural rhythm my body/mind has settled into. If I have a bad day I want to try harder the next to make up for it. Next day I maybe relax a little more because the previous was so good. Or maybe I'm just thinking about it too much because overall I feel I am doing not bad at keeping it all going.

I've always had a tendency to analyse things. Maybe this is just an extension of that and I shouldn't read too much into. One thing is for sure, I'm enjoying the challenge.

NaNo words today: 2469

NaNoWriMo Progress

Colin 9:32 pm


At this pace, I found the same thing -- a good day followed by a tough day.

At the regular pace, I find that 1500 words/day steadily comes easily. (Non-Nano)

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