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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Guy Fawkes Is Dead

I allowed myself a small treat this morning. After going to bed last night I read more from The Flood (almost done now), watched Parky (Tony Bennett is the MAN), then went to sleep thinking about Slick (obesssion? possibly).

I dreamt some weird stuff. I was on a golf course with a stag party and they were all very dull people. It was the golf course you could see from my bedroom window when I was growing up - I told you about it a few days ago. Then we were in London, down at the Docklands, and I was in an elevator with the stag party going somewhere. They were so boring by this point I jumped out and locked them in. Then I ran off laughing.

I don't know what it means but I know the source. Golf course - after talking about my home town and the views from my window last week, I printed off the winter image and stuck it up on my desk here and at work. I listened to The Wall and Stella as well, so I think my mind was just in the zone for it.

Stag party? Probably down to me badly needing a night out with my mates.

London Docklands; that's where Ronnie lives - I've been writing about it and other parts of London since I began work on Slick.

Elevator? My mind is telling me to jump off at the next floor and take some time to relax. So I did - I relaxed in bed until 10am.

After coffee and eggs with toast, I got back to work. I wrote some new stuff but it was coming slow. Again I had some research to do which accounted for some of the time, but I also started to feel I was losing my way. I feel as if the plot is moving just that little bit too quick.

The way things stand, I am on target to write somewhere just over 90,000 words by November 30th. Which is excellent, though it won't happen in reality. Two reasons: first, it will be impossible to keep up this level of energy, and second I get the feeling I'm going top run out of story!

I'm approaching the half way point of the story, and I've not even hit the 20k mark yet. Worrying, both for the NaNo challenge as well as the novel itself.

So I went back and began reading objectively. I know the purpose of NaNo is quantity over quality, but I don't want to work that way. Not even sure I can. I know I can reach the 50k, the last few days have proved that, but I need to make sure the story is coming out the way I need it to if I am to be able to concentrate fully and remain involved with it 100 per cent. I need to make sure everything is explained (or not explained), and I need to be sure that the characters are not getting lost within it.

Therefore, I think some padding is required. Tomorrow I shall devote one day to reading the story afresh with all these objectives in mind. There is padding needed, so it will be interesting to see how many words come out of it by doing this. But I think it needs to be done before I move forward.

I'm really getting sick of fireworks. All week we have had missiles and bombs raining down from us from all sides, which is not only a pain in the arse at 11.30pm when you're getting up at 5am, but it's scaring the bejeezus out of all our animals.

Things took a turn for the worse tonight when the fire service were called out three times to a street over the other side of the walkway to us. I could see if from our landing window. Wee neds continually set fire to the bracken and let off fireworks - damn loud ones - because they are hidden from sight. That's where they go drinking, drive their motorbikes and do all their drugs as well. Like we don't know you are there assholes!

They are causing a major nuisance to everyone in the neighbourhood. In the blustery wind the fires could easily have spread taken hold and blown over to our property, so I'm not just being a cantankerous bugger by going on like this. It's a danger.

Tonight Leith sounded like a war zone for about five hours. Constant thundering cracking noises well after the legal time limit. And no doubt it will go on still for the next few nights until all the discount firework shops (only open this time of year) have sold out to these wee fuds.

Happy Guy Fawkes!

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