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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Characters Ready...

Usual kind of Saturday morning, though a bit stale. I wandered through Fopp and bought the first Rebus novel, Knots and Crosses. I just can't help but leave a bookstore with a book in hand. It's hard not to walk out empty handed even if it is with just a a pamphlet.

I drank my cappuccino and pastry and read the first few chapters before returning to get Laura and going home for lunch.

Up until recently I seem to have been working my way through Rankin's novels in no particular order. Which is why, after reading The Flood, I'll move onto Rebus from book one. And catch up to where I am with my books on the shelf.

Blogger wouldn't post yesterday's entry. Kept getting error messages despite trying various methods. Pain in the butt. First time I've had real trouble with it, though I know others who seem to be much worse off over the past few months. Maybe I've been lucky up till now.

I gave my office a good tidy in preparation for NaNo beginning next week. I also boxed a lot of the books I have on my shelf, keeping only the ones that have value or special meaning. So there's a lot of Auster, King and Rankin etc. as well as a lot of reference books I can't do without. I only have limited space. The first two top shelves have novels, poetry and story collections. The third some of my folders and research. The fourth more reference magazines and books that are related specifically to the writing craft. Five has Gail's stuff and six has a scanner and other computer type stuff. Not ideal, but it's a small room.

I worked mostly on my characters for Slick this evening. Full names, ID's, backgrounds, personality profiles and characteristics. It was fun and made me feel at ease about the whole project. I feel like I have the cast set, the location ready and the script coiled waiting to be sprung. All I need to do, I think, is start writing.
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These two days are the hardest. I want to get going, already!

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