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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Some Wedding Pics

The first day back at work after all the wedding celebrations was always going to be tough and I wasn't disappointed with how grumpy and dishevelled I was when I got up. I even told Laura, as we munched on breakfast before taking her to her Holiday Club, that I was grumpy, that I hated being grumpy, and that only a big huge cuddle from her could snap me out of it. She obliged and I was happy again.

Nothing has changed in my place of employment apart from a recent shift in company structure. We're now a PLC, so if you don't know who I work for, that should telly you pretty much all you need to know. We're even more arrogant and full of crap than we were before, but this time we're doing it on the Stock Market. What fun.

A small mention for my writing buddy Michelle. Her new book, Talk Dirty To Me was released today. It's pitched as a 'red hot read' and judging by the blurb on the publisher's page, that could be an understatement. If you are into hot, erotic romance, then this one is for you. I'll certainly be giving it a read but hopefully without a rubber glove and a box of Kleenex by my side. Read about 'Talk Dirty To Me'

When I got home from work there was an odd looking envelope with a Boston, MA postmark. I opened it and was delighted to find a cheque for $25 (USD) inside from the Literary Traveler magazine. The money is payment for the article I wrote about Robert Louis Stevenson a few months ago.

There is something much more satisfying about having a physical cheque land on your lap for work purchased, than electronic payments through the likes of PayPal etc. Sure, it is easier and quicker, but a physical cheque is a great thrill and throws one back into the wilds of traditional freelance writing.

I wonder what I'll spend it on?

One of the publishers I sent a Stella query to was returned with no address. This was very odd since I double-checked their address on their website and it was accurate just a week ago. Ah well. Onwards and upwards.

Got through a couple of chapters of AFTDF today. Although my intention was to merely read and lightly edit to get up to speed, I am finding that the story is starting to be pulled in other directions. It is still along the main arc of the story, but certain things are willing themselves to be changed. One character doesn't like his original name and I am going to have to change it. Not sure to what but it has to go. It just doesn't fit any more.

The editing is getting heavier as a result of the changes. The 'mould of clay' is moving within the grip of my hands and shaping itself into something much more interesting. I like it and I think this is a result of my writing and approach to editing having matured since I first wrote this mss down. The writing is awful in places, but on others it is sublime and I am loathe to change it.

I must have this completed before the end of summer, at least by October because I've been having some cool ideas about what to write for NaNoWriMo and the Hunting Jack sequel. More on that later.

Some sad news came through about lunchtime today. Syd Barrett, original founder of Pink Floyd has died, aged 60. This is not the first time Syd has been reported dead. After a log period living reclusively in Cambridge, and with years of Class A having been taken into his body, it comes as no surprise that he has finally succumbed. Read about Syd Barrett

Finally, here's a few pictures from the wedding at the weekend:

My father giving away my wee sister

Nolon and Fiona

Doing my reading

Wide view of the wedding in the Rose Garden

My father looking for the nearest bar

Lindsay, Laura, Fiona, Nolon and Stuart

Dave being cheeky. Ena found out later. Dave stopped smiling.


Bridesmaid of ther Year 2006
Colin 10:52 am


Congrats on the check! Woo-hoo! When you come, Gail, and Laura come visit me after the relocation, maybe you can meet them in person (I won't be far from Cambridge).

Gorgeous photos!
Lovely photos! Congratulations on the sale! d:)

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