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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fun In The Weather

The weather is supposed to improve as the week progresses, but as I gazed out at the damp mist resting on Auld Reekie this morning, my suspicions that the weather-people have been on the Class-A again, began to seem grow in my mind.

No work this morning, for I was off to my favourite city to collect my new contact lenses. I left Edinburgh behind and took out my notepad. By the time I got to Glasgow, the sun had risen to melt away the mist and a glorious day was upon us. I had written nothing but scribbled loads.

After doing the necessary at the eye specialists, I met my sister, Lindsay, for lunch just after noon. We went to the Phoenix Bar, which was handy for the train station and also had its large window-doors open overlooking the street. We had just sat down with a couple of glasses of Coke while we waited for our paid lunches to arrive, when a loud continuous bell sounded from the kitchen.

We were told it wasn't a fire but an "unexpected drill". We were then asked to stand outside.

All this at lunch hour, in the busiest city in Scotland. Best time to have a fire drill, I imagine.

The surrounding buildings also emptied of people, mostly hot office workers who looked more pissed off than we were. Four fire engines screamed through the crammed city streets from Cowcaddens and arrived to "put out the fire". Dozens of fire-fighters (and one extremely good looking female fire-fighter - nothing to do with the uniform - honest!) wandered about trying to look like they weren't as pissed off with the management of the pub as we were.

After it all calmed down we had our lunch and a very nice lunch it was too.

Back in Edinburgh I arrived at the office sopping in sweat. I hope it's not as hot on Saturday. It's one thing being hot in a shirt and loose tie, and quite another while regaled in full Bonnie Prince Charlie kilt and outfit.

One hour later and the rain was bouncing off the windows after a very loud and exciting thunder storm. Five minutes after that, the sun was back out. Good old Scottish weather.

I prepared and sent off my first eleven approaches to agents regarding Hunting Jack. Wish me luck. It's my first time in this particular market and I have big hopes, but realistic ones to boot.

I also worked on AFTDF and spent a while on the phone reassuring my sister to be wed that nobody will be watching the World Cup Football 3rd/4th place play-off while she's getting married. I'll make sure of it!

I've been in correspondence with Mr Aloysius Munn of Hey Asda! fame. He posted down below regarding my comments about The Outsider by Albert Camus (have I mentioned how much the book moved me?). He's recommended other books written by Albert Camus: La Morte Hereuse, Le Premier Homme, La Peste and La Chute. I may just look these up - or translations of them, anyway. My French was never really that good. I got under 30% in my O-Grade exam back in nineteen-canteen.
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