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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day to all my buddies in the United States of America!!

My foot hasn't swollen, but it's damn sore. The bone around the base and up towards the wee bumpy bit is giving me jip. I'm not impressed. The knee I can handle. I've taken more chunks of flesh off of my knees than I've had hot dinners, but if I can't jump around the dance floor and have fun at my sister's wedding without feeling the pinch, I'm going to be most annoyed.

I rang Ian and called off snooker for tomorrow. I think it best to take it easy and not put any pressure on my metatarsels. Wouldn't want to do a Roooooney now, would I?

I spent time working on the finishing touches to the Hunting Jack synopsis and my literary CV. One of the agents I'm writing to for Hunting Jack specifies one in their submission requirements instead of an author biography. So after checking with my writing forum I put my CV together.

I was amazed at home many credits I have built up over the past few years. It came out at a full page of A4, which although not the most extensive list of credits I've ever seen, I was very surprised to see it listed in that fashion under my name.

I watched the Discovery Shuttle take off live on my home PC from the NASA website. Superb footage and great quality coming through thanks to the old broadband line. Every time I see a launch I feel a mixture of excitement and dread. I still can't get that image out of my mind of the Challenger disaster back in 1986 when it exploded shortly after take off. I can always remember going through to tell my Mum and her telling me to stop making up stupid stories. Then she saw the screen and the silence was horrible.

Good luck to the folk on board this latest mission. I think it's quite cool the launch being on Independence Day. American's should be proud.

One Story rejected Loaded and What a Waste this evening but I wasn't put off. The manner of their rejections are somewhat curt, and because of this they are gently moving down in my personal submission rankings.
Colin 10:44 am


Hi Colin, I was fortunate enough to be in Florida at the time of the launch and actually saw the take off live. Admittedly it was a good distance away but it was awesome.

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