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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

No Justice

There I was, merrily getting ready to go to work, expecting all dramas to be complete for the week, but no. As I lifted a towel off the floor, lying prostate and solid on the carpet was my Red-Tailed Black Shark. He must have jumped out the bucket while I was refilling the tank last night and I never noticed until this morning. He was one of my best fish. I was most upset and very hacked off.

Something else that annoyed me today was this. How can this man, who steals 21 million GBP from his employer (the Royal Bank of Scotland) get 10 years in prison, when this man gets 3 and a half years for driving his mother's Audi TT into the pram of an 18-month old toddler and killing her?

10 years for stealing cash from a company that is worth billions, to 3.5 years for taking an innocent wee girls life! Under current rules, the thief could be released in 5 years and the killer in just over 1 and a half!! Proof, if it was needed, that this country's legal system is totally screwed.

I printed off and prepared queries and submissions for Stella and sent off the first batch to eight carefully selected publishers. Now it's a waiting game. There are two in particular I am quite hopeful of as they seem the perfect match. The rest are speculative, but well within the reams of what they are looking for, so fingers crossed.

I worked on Hunting Jack for the most of the night. I edited the new chapter and then scanned back a few pages to make sure it fits in seamlessly. Keeping the tone in the prose thereafter is proving easier than I thought because much of it is already there, it just needs reinforced. There's only about three or four chapters left to go so if I get my finger out my arse I can have it complete by Thursday lunchtime.

I found an excellent blog that I'm going to link to. It's called 1 Painting Every Day. The artist, Jeremiah Palecek, is on a mission to paint one picture every day, as the name suggests, and his work is excellent. I'm no artist, but his pictures really appealed to me and I spent quite a while browsing his work. You should go check it out.

While I'm on talking about interesting web sites, check this one out. It's The Bible told in Lego. Very cool.
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