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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Laura's First Ska Gig

Scotland was bathed in glorious sunshine all day, which made for a fabulous family fun day out. We met up with nutty pal of mine, Rob Wardlaw, at Waverly station and made our way out to the Big in Falkirk festival in Callendar Park. There were shows and fairground attractions, beer tents and all-day live music on the main stage.

It wasn't until around 7pm though that the real fun started. Laura's first Ska gig was kicked off with The Beat, who played for just over an hour some of the classics from the 2-Tone era. She was scared at first; scared of the way some of the people - like me - were dancing and carrying on. There was plenty of room though as a lot of people had filtered away so she had lots of space to get into it herself. She complained of the music making her tummy go funny - it was just excitement though and she danced it off for the next two and a half hours. What a trooper!

Last band of the day was the headlining act, The Specials - well, Neville Staples at least. He was excellent. Pure British Ska keeping us going till after nightfall. He finished with a fantastic version of Ghost Town and for a free gig, I have to say it was superb stuff. I would have easily paid to see such quality.

With the gig finishing at 9.30'ish we had plenty of time to get home. Laura was shattered, as were we all, and hit the sack as soon as we got home. I found out just how unfit I am during this gig, and I'll have to be a lot fitter for the Madness gig later in the year that's for sure!

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