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Friday, December 23, 2005

Highs And Lows

I never went to snooker on Wednesday night and thankfully had Thursday off as well. Most symptoms have dispersed and the same is also true for Laura, though she has a far worse cough than me. Together, we are struggling on.

It's been a weird week. That's about all there is to say and I need to get my finger out my arse and get my two outstanding assignments in to two editors. The Rankin feature needs sent in and my Scotland's Treasure article needs a final proof read. I also need to send ten further e-books of the first part of Hunting Jack to various PSH Competition winners let down by the demise of KIC. I know the bloke who runs it and I offered to help him out with my story. He was most relieved.

Sleep has been poor this entire week. I get to bed and although my eyes are heavy I toss and turn and end up going down to the living room for a while. Insomnia is something I seem to suffer from periodically and I'm right in the middle of a peak just now.

I got the last of my presents today and also all the ingredients for two of the dishes I offered to make for Christmas dinner. I offered to help out Gail's Mum by bringing along two dishes to ease the burden on her. Every Christmas she spends the entire time in the kitchen and she never gets to eat with everyone else. Unlike my Mum's kitchen back home, the dining area doesn't adjoin the cooking area so she's left very detached from everything. I'm making a salmon starter (fresh salmon slices filled with salmon pate on Melba toast, with lemon and herbs) and pineapple cake (biscuit base with a pineapple, cream and fresh cream filling) for one of the desserts. Both are my Mum's recipes, and both are delicious.

I wrote for the first time in almost a week tonight. It felt good, but I've fallen way behind and out of touch with my GDR in the last seven days. There is much to do and time is running out.

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