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Friday, January 06, 2006

This Blog

The format of this blog is to change.

Not in any major way and certainly not in any way which I think may block any existing enjoyment to be gained from the words written here. But I think the balance between what is deemed to be in the personal domain andwhat is in the writing domain is wrong. Things that are written, in any genre can often be mis-represented and mis-understood, particularly by those who wish to look the other way, or those who wish to meddle.

I also feel this blog can be used far better in the way of marketing and promoting both myself and my work. Blogging is fast becoming an important avenue for creativity and networking, so I think I should be utilising it better.

To this end I am proposing some small but important changes and statements of clarity.

1. This blog is not a personal diary. My initial intent was to write in it things about my life that directly affect and/or influence my writing. This position has now become untenable because some people are reading too much into some of what is said and using it against me. They are not simply reading, they are actively pursuing an aggressive stance. Any privileged information written on these pages before, will not now be published. The blog may get more boring, but this is not my problem. The people I am referring to will know who they are; they are not writers.

2. The above information will be displayed clearly on the blog.

3. I don't wish to redesign the blog - I like it the way it is - but I may use the sidebars more with which to promote my work as it unfolds. If people continue to use this blog and the information held in it to further their own insatiably corrupt agendas, I will start to bar IP addresses. Failing that - I'll remove the blog altogether and only release the new location to closely trusted individuals.

I don't wish to appear overhanded of my use of this blog as a public access domain, but I think the lines need to be clearly marked in the sand. I have seen friends of mine harrassed beyond belief through their blog, and I am not going to be held to ransom either.

Message ends.

GDR will be published tomorrow - I've had too much to do today.

Also, please buy my book - it's bloody brilliant.
Colin 10:15 pm


Hey, Big Man. Good to see you back blogging. I missed reading it every day.
Can't remember, through the drunken haze that was new year, if I sent a text after the bells to wish you and the family a happy new year. I probably didn't since the reception on my phone was pants before I became too drunk to push the buttons on the phone!
So, "Happy New Year".
Welcome back! I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of your book... but no sign of it. Hoping that you just haven't had time to get it posted, and not that it is lost in the mail!
If you could post the status, it would be greatly appreciated by one of your 'lucky winners'! THANKS!! S-

Welcome back!

Do you want me to fly across the pond and kick someone's ass? I've been looking for a reason to travel to the UK!

I hate that you're having to change your blog but you know what they say: NEVER write down what you don't want others to read.

Take care.
Welcome back to blogland! Hope there is still some personal stuff here - it is interesting.
And you're right - you're book is bloody fantastic.
I can't wait to buy your book! Sadly, the holidays left me skint but the minute I have some cash in late January, I'm all over it.

Don't know what the other stuff meant, but I'm glad you're going to be focusing more on your writing. I enjoyed your blog before, but as a writer I always enjoy a peek into another writer's inspiration.

How was Hogmanay?
Good to see you back, Colin! Hate you are having problems as I have enjoyed your blog!

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