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Monday, December 19, 2005

No Sign Of the Tunnel's End

It's not been the best few days in the world. Wounds may heal but the scars will serve as permanent reminders even if nobody else can see them. I'm reluctant to dwell on this because it has sapped enough of my energy over the last few days I can barely bring myself to approach the subject. So I won't.

I've written nothing bar the lyrics of those songs I looked up on a website and posted here. So it doesn't even count as writing. Up until this weekend I had written almost 15k this month then due to unforeseen circumstance I smashed head first into a concrete wall. I missed my extended deadline for Scotland's Treasure so I'm going to work on that this afternoon and try and get it in for tonight.

Last Friday night, was one I badly needed. Being out with my mates, I got enough whiskies down my neck to keep Scotland's distillers in business for a while yet. Clark's now sports one of my leaflets behind the bar, as does St. Cuthbert's in Stockbridge and Tanfield Bowling Club; our only other destinations last Friday. In fact they might want me to come round and do a reading for all their patrons who all seemed enthusiastic when I started to talk about the book. We'll see; it might have been the drink but I'll need more books in stock first.

Apart from that there's nothing much to tell. I'm trying to get my mind back round to what it should be concerned with but it's proving harder than I envisaged.

What I'm going through is typical for the Saturn Retrograde. It seems to be affecting others within my circle as well. Hopefully we can all pull through our difficulties and be better people for it. Hopefully.

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Colin 1:57 pm


whatever is going on - thinking of you, and hoping it'll work out.
Sticking together, we can make it through.
Only time can heal a deep wound, but even then it will never completely disappear. Stay strong!
Keep your chin up, mate.
Thinking of you and know it will all work out.

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