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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


The effects of everything that's been happening lately have finally showed up in physical form. I am loaded with the cold, a hacking cough, aching eyeballs and a thumping head. Luckily Laura has it too (well not luckily, but you know what I mean) and so I would have been taking the day off anyway to look after her since she couldn't attend school.

Neither of us got dressed today. Instead we nursed each other on the couch in front of the fire, watched TV and slept intermittently. I made soup (tinned) and made sure we were drinking enough, administered the cough medicine and headache tabs and generally tried to battle through the misery. And that's about the sum of what this whole week has been about; miserable.

We watched King Kong; the remake from 1976 with Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange. Despite it being a pretty poor film, only dug up because of the current hype for the latest effort, it was most memorable for me because I'd forgotten what a stunningly sexy woman Lange is.

When Gail came home she sorted out dinner for us but the day was a total waste. I spent the rest of it in bed drifting in and out of sleep, with my head thumping and chest burning. It doesn't look like snooker will be an option tomorrow, because I want to get better for Christmas Day. The way I'm feeling though, perpetuality seems most likely.

Thirteen years ago today I went to my first ever Madness concert. Even that memory isn't enough.

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Colin 3:48 pm


Sorry to hear you're sick. At least it's BEFORE Christmas and not ON Christmas, and with any luck you both will be feeling better by the time Santa shimmies down your chimney.

Hey, Col, if I buy a copy of your book, what's the shipping to Canada going to be like? (If you do ship to Canada, that is...)

I hope you feel better soon!
Aw, Col, I sure hope you're feeling all better for Christmas! And sweet Laura too. And I hope all the "misery" goes away real soon!

Cheers, and Have a happy Holiday!

hi Colin, sorry I've taken so long to get back to you, been work work working far too much. Cover looks great! Get well soon. I watched the original KK for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it! It made me crave a pack of Chewits though. lol. Have a great xmas and if I dont see you before happy New Year!
I'll echo everyone else - hope you feel better soon, both physically and otherwise.
Both of you feel better soon!
The old king kong is still my favorite.

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